Healthy Jicama Taco Recipe by Markus Rothkranz

Everyone enjoys tacos, they are a quick and filling meal that can appeal to all palates. In this video we’re shown a healthy alternative to eating tacos. Most people eat tacos with some kind of tortilla, which are usually fried, and then add a meat protein, followed by some veggies, cheese, and other flavorings. However, Cara Brotman is going to show us how to make healthy, raw, vegan tacos that are jam packed with flavor but also very simple to make.

Cara starts off by slicing some jicama very thinly with her mandolin slicer. Once she’s got the right width of her taco shell, she starts making some guacamole. “Less is more.” Cara tells us to keep in mind when making guacamole. She states that in her younger years she would add all sorts of bell peppers, onions, olive oil, etc. to guacamole but it doesn’t need all that. Some cilantro, lime, onion, and salt is all you need to add to your mashed avocados for an easy and delicious guacamole.

Next Cara shows us a squirt bottle filled with cashew cream which she’s going to drizzle over the tacos once finished. Cara begins to show us how to make the jicama tacos. She slightly folds the jicama shell in the palm of her hand and then dabs the guacamole in the middle and tops the guacamole with the cauliflower mixture she made in a previous video. Then she drizzles the cashew cream on top and the jicama taco is finished and ready to eat. An optional topping would be an organic hot sauce that can be bought at Whole Foods.

Cara finishes the video by tasting the taco and telling us that the flavors are just explosive and delicious. She says it’s one of the fastest recipes and would be really great for kids, especially since it’s healthy. You could even skip the cauliflower mixture and just dab the guacamole in the middle, drizzle the cashew cream and hot sauce, and still have an amazing healthy alternative for tacos.

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Davos Real Estate Group Launches a New Application

Davos Real Estate has been around for some time now. The company has managed to cement itself as a leading real estate company in the country. In what seems like an effort to improve its service portfolio, it recently launched a new mobile application that would streamline communication between its employees and clients.

Accompanied by other executive members, the company’s CEO David Osio presented the features of the app in front of a group of clients gathered from different parts of the country. The new app is called “Davos CAP Calculator.” The app will help clients calculate the rate of return on investments on real estate properties they choose. According to Osio, the app is a product of the latest technology developed in partnership with Tecknolution. It is available for iPhone and Android users and will be a financial guide to its thousands of clients. Apart from calculating ROIs, clients will also estimate rents and project mortgages for specific properties.

About David Osio

David Osio is the founder and Managing Director of Davos Financial Group, a group of companies operating in Venezuela and the United States. The companies are diffused in different industries in both countries. Davos Real Estate is just one of the companies under Davos Financial Group.

Osio started his career as a banker before venturing into business. He worked at the Bank of America and Swizz Bank where he managed legal issues affecting the companies. His time at these companies gave him an opportunity to gain skills and increase his level of experience as a financial investment lawyer. Working at these places also gave him a platform to learn more.

Loaded with skills and energy, David decided to venture into business in 1994. This is the time Davos Financial Group was born. The company initially set up offices in Venezuela before moving them to the United States. His vast experience and ability to make decisions relevant to the market trends has enabled him to find his way through the difficulties associated with investment.

David Osio currently lives in the United States. He is a well-known individual in the social circles. He has a strong sense of social responsibility in him. He is always an active member of non-profit organizations, especially in Miami. He is a board member of Miami Orchestra Symphony, an organization that makes positive impact on people’s lives through music and art. Osio is also an international donor.

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Madison Street Capital Nominated for 2016 M&A Advisor Award recently reported that Madison Street Capital, an investment firm based out of Chicago, has become one of the handful of the 2016 M&A Advisor Award finalists. The M&A Advisor Awards occur annually and are given to companies in the financial industry who have excelled in restructuring, deal-making and other forms of services that both benefit the client and the company. The acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. by Dowco that was handled by Madison Street Capital was a major cause for the nomination. Due to this acquisition transaction led by Karl D’Cunha,the Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital, the financial firm has also been nominated for the International and Industrial deal of the year, under the “Less than $100 Million” category and the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year.

These are just a few of the awards that the financial firm has accrued since it was founded by CEO Charles Botchway in 2005. In 2015 it was the winner of the 10th Annual M&A Advisor Turnaround Awards for their “Refinancing Deal of the Year” and a honoree for the NACVA’s “Forty Under Forty” Industry Mavericks Award. In 2016 they were the winner of the 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Awards.Through fast growth and service to both lower and middle international market businesses Madison Street Capital has become a prime example of excellence in its sector.

Since the beginning the company has always put its focus on the client and their needs by solving problems and answering questions in a timely manner. The financial firm boasts their commitment to delivering above and beyond customer satisfaction through experience, leadership and integrity. Madison Street Capital has expertise in several financial areas including mergers, acquisitions, corporate advisory, bankruptcy services, reorganization services, capital restructuring, private placements, corporate governance and ESOP advisory. These apply to both public and private businesses.

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Doe Deere Explains How Her Life And Career have Been Formed

Doe Deere Ideamensch
The life and career of Lime Crime founder and CEO Doe Deere have taken her across many different areas of the marketing and cosmetics industry as she has taken a different approach to becoming a successful makeup entrepreneur. Deere has taken on a number of different roles as she has embarked upon a career that has taken her from her native Russia to success in the U.S. and around the world; Deere has lived and worked on both coasts of the U.S. as she has looked to find the best position for herself in the business world.

Doe Deere believes she has always been something of an entrepreneur and has looked to spend much of her time seeking success in the business world when she embarked on her first career steps as a child in Russia; in her native Russia Deere sold temporary tattoos to her contemporaries before looking to the future and a life in New York that began when she was 17. The Lime Crime founder has spent the majority of her time studying fashion at New York’s prestigious FIT before embarking on a career in music that began as the future cosmetics entrepreneur lived in New York from 1998 to 2012.

During her early career Doe Deere divided her time in New York’s Manhattan and Brooklyn between her attempts to build a fashion career with the music career she also sought with a band that included her husband. A move to Los Angeles may not have given Deere’s music career the boost she hoped for, but did provide her with the chance to begin her career as a makeup entrepreneur that would last long into the future.

Deere explains her makeup career began with a search for unusual colors for both herself and her burgeoning clothing brand, Lime Crime, which required bright and bold colors that were difficult to come by. Doe Deere decided to create her own cosmetics and would find them more popular than her clothing line, which prompted a switch from clothing to cosmetics for the fashion entrepreneur.

Despite the success she has achieved as the CEO of Lime crime, Doe Deere believes she still has something to give to the people of the world who wish to follow in her footsteps as a cosmetics entrepreneur. The self titled “Queen of the Unicorns” has millions of Instagram followers and believes she can act as an inspiration for others to act as themselves, just as Deere does each day; the fear of judgement women face on a daily basis is something Doe Deere hopes to eliminate from the lives of her “unicorn” followers.

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Technology and fashion: An uncommon and unique union of the 21st century

The fashion industry and the technological industry has gone through massive changes since they became a part of the human culture. Today, fashion and technology that we know of are miles ahead of what it used to be. With times, technology has become the new fad and fashionable while fashion has become technologically fashionable. Chris Burch has presented a brief glimpse into the past and the present which affects the immediate future of the two entities.

The recent past and the current now
Technology grows with the popularity of what one considers fashionable which holds the truth. The mating of technology and fashion in recent times has given rise to their new lovechild which Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht proudly incorporates into her designs. Anouk has been known to design styles like a drink making-dress, the Daredroid and Pseudomorphs, the self-painting dress which garnered much attention on fashion ramps.
The future
Fashion and tech are also advancing towards making the human race safe with certain unique inventions like a system that was made for one to wear around the neck called an airbag for cyclists. The aim was that in the case of a fall, an airbag emerges and saves the cyclist. There is another invention called the frontline gloves that will be used by firefighters which would allow them to communicate with simple hand gestures. Designers also seem to be using recycled materials to make t-shirts and jackets out of them.
Can technology and fashion work cohesively with each other?
Chris is of an opinion that technology and fashion can work very well with each other for instance, the introduction of Google’s glasses. It seemed plausible from a geek’s point of view and not otherwise. Add to that the cost of the product and we had a failure. Fashion came along to help in this regard with top fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg incorporating those very glasses on the ramp with her models.
The fashion world and technology have a lot to contribute and can certainly work in unison with each other. Technology doesn’t just help create beautiful fashion but helps in creating functional fashion. Likewise for fashion. The two can come together and help create a better world.
About Chris Burch
Chris Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital. ( He started his career as an undergrad at Ithaca College after the completion of which Chris and his brother started the Eagles Eyes Apparel which grew to $165 million which was ultimately sold. Chris has a diverse investment portfolio and has been instrumental investing in various businesses most notable of them being the real estate ventures spanning across North and South America.
The year 2011 saw Chris Burch venturing into the fashion world with investments in TRADEMARK. He is currently supporting various consumer product brands ranging from apparel to organic food industries. Apart from being an entrepreneur, Chris also spends his time in philanthropic efforts like research and other initiatives in Mt. Sinai hospital in New York and the Henry Street Settlement.
Achievements of David J. Osio
David Osio is a successful businessman as well as a philanthropist. Throughout his career, he has been partnering with non-profit organizations to support communities living around him, and around his business. He has been a great supporter of music and cultural activities. David has been collaborating with a non-governmental organization whose goal is to support communities by funding education, health care, and food. David has also been supporting Medical research projects. For the period that David has served as a board member of MISO (Miami Symphony Orchestra), he has been a key supporter.

David Osio is popularly known as the founder and the CEO of Davos Financial Group. During his era as the chief executive officer of the company, the company has expanded, increased revenues and reached international markets. The company has extended its branches to a number to strategic cities among them being Lisbon, New York, Geneva, Miami and Panama City. In all locations where the company has a branch, David has made a point and ensured that the communities living in the area benefits from the charity activities carried out by the company. The company has been increasing revenues even after increasing the money donated to charity.

David Osio graduated with a law degree from the Catholic University Andres Bello in Caracas; this is one of the biggest universities in Latin America as well as in Venezuela. David started off his career Director in the Legal Desk MGO a company based in Venezuela. In those days, David used to be a legal adviser. Among the client he advised were Ferro and Consolidated Bank. David worked as legal adviser for a decade and later went to for specialization at the Institute of Higher Administration Studies in Caracas. In the year 2010, David went to study Management and Investment Portfolios in New York Institute of Finance and achieved Professional credentials.

David had an opportunity of working with corporation while he worked as legal adviser at MGO back in Venezuela. This had prepared him to run a company and make it successful. Since David founded Davos Financial Group, the company has been expanding.

The performance of David’s independent group has been outstanding, and the group has won various international awards. These awards include Medal of Honor of the United States Congress, Movers and Shakers 2009, Best Offshore Corporate Service Provider and South Florida Business Leaders 2009. David’s management skill has contributed to the success of his companies.

Manage Your Hair With WEN Cleansing Conditioners From Chaz Dean

There are a lot of products out there that contain chemicals that can damage your hair over time with extended amounts of use. The chemicals can cause the hair to become brittle, dry, or even fall out with too much blockage. This can be especially scary for women, as hair is a major aspect for most women in terms of their looks. This is why Chaz Dean created the WEN hair care line in the first place, to help more women be able to treat their hair whether or not they had a lot of time or money.

Emily McClure for Bustle Magazine did a review on the WEN cleansing conditioners herself after deciding to try it out because of how many people she heard talking about it. For Emily, hair had always been an issue, with her fine and thin hair. She always had difficulty finding products that worked well or didn’t cause problems in the long run with other products. She tried out the WEN product for a week, and even though she used less than recommended each day, she started seeing results rather quickly. She didn’t want to use too much at first because she was nervous what the thick product would do in her hair.

By the end of the journey, Emily was happy to show off her new and beautiful looking hair. It didn’t look thin anymore, it looked like it was thick and full of life. She was even getting new compliments from people, which was her tipping point for adding the product to her routine permanently. This is because of the unique 5-in-1 formula that was used to create WEN. Made up of all natural ingredients, WEN cleansing conditioners provide a deep clean and are safe to use every day, along with other styling products. WEN Hair by Chaz can be bought online on Sephora, eBay or Guthy-Renker, and at some local stores.

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Geoff Cone Says Transparency Key Deterrent For Wealthy People Looking To Hide Money In New Zealand

There is something known as the tax-free day. It is a different day for each individual depending on their income. It is tallied by calculating the amount of days you must work in order to pay your tax bill for the year. For many, it can be distressing to learn that you must work for months in order to pay the government its share of taxes before you keep any money for yourself.

Now what if I told you that wealthy individuals can dodge taxes altogether? And when I say wealthy, I mean mega-wealthy; in the billions. These individuals can hire lawyers to examine tax loopholes and hide their money from the government in order to avoid taxes altogether. They do this by using tax haven countries.

Unless you’re a billionaire, you are probably pretty uncomfortable reading this information. You would probably like to express your anger towards these tax haven countries. But according to tax lawyer Geoff Cone, you shouldn’t get mad at New Zealand.

A recent New Zealand Herald article said that New Zealand was a tax haven for foreign trusts. Cone says that can’t be farther from the truth. In fact, he says, New Zealand was the first country to achieve a gold standard for transparency from the Organization for Economic Communication and development.

Transparency, he says, is the essential deterrent for wealthy people wanting to hide their money from their own government. All their own government has to do is call up the New Zealand government and ask for assistance in their investigation. New Zealand has a deal with 20 countries that allows for this free and easy communication.

Cone points to other factors that indicate New Zealand is not a tax haven, including New Zealand’s own tax system and well-regulated banking industry. People looking to hide their cash in a foreign trust inside of New Zealand must deal with these shadow bank-killing regulations.

Cone has been working on foreign trusts since 1990. He quickly moved to Auckland after achieving a postgraduate degree in trusts and tax law at the University of Otago. His work ethic earned him a partnership at a major law firm in Christchurch.

He now runs Cone Marshall, a trust and tax law firm in Auckland. His legal expertise even earned him a two-year stint in the British West Indies working as a litigator. But now he is committed full time to trusts and tax law on the North Island.

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Richard Blair Tells People What To Be Aware Of On Airbnb

Richard Blair is the current owner of Wealth Solutions and an income and finance specialist. He has spent more than two decades in the financial industry after having earned his degree in finances at the University of Texas. Over his time he has gained other certifications as well, such as a tax specialist, estate and trust professional, annuity specialist, and more.

The reason behind Richard starting up his company was to actively help people in their decisions and change the lives of people for the better as well as families and businesses. Typically, Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions works with local people in his area, including individuals and business owners of small companies.

For any homeowner using Airbnb, renting first requires several things to be considered before doing so, especially insurance. Renting through Airbnb can provide an easy and steady way of making some money. It also helps build up the cash to actually pay off a property. One of the current things that need to be watched out for is trouble causing travelers. Many problems can happen unexpectedly.

In some cases, travelers or short time renters can damage the property or even get hurt themselves on the property, which may not be covered by homeowner insurances. Even worse is if nearby properties get damaged, which would also not be covered and left to the homeowner. In cases like these, a homeowner will end up spending more in repairs and such than what they make renting their home out.

This is why it is very important to consider things like this before renting out a home, or accepting certain people. Property owners need to remember that they will be responsible for all the actions that their guests take. In the case of illegal activities or law suits, these will also extend over to the homeowner. In some instances, tenants can refuse to pay for received services as well

 Airbnb itself only offers secondary coverage to homeowners, assuming a homeowner has finished their available funds. Because most insurance policies do not accommodate for rentals that are short term, homeowners are responsible for any expenses related to travelers.

A Change in Loans Observed

Equities First Holdings has been in the business of global capital since 2002. It was founded in Indianapolis, Indiana. That is also where it has been and continues to be headquartered since.

Equities First Holdings also owns its satellite office which operates out of New York City. This one of a kind global leader company offers its lending services to both individuals in investment and to businesses & partnerships of many forms. They may be found online at

According to a great and well informed online news source, it does seem that:
“Equities First Holdings,” a global lender and a leader in alternative shareholder financing solutions, is seeing more traction in margin loans and stock-based loans in an economic climate where banks and other institutions have tightened lending criteria. For borrowers who need to raise capital…” (
The article itself may be read at no cost online by following the link above. I highly recommend it. There’s nothing to be missed here and much to be missed out upon.

The article also mentions that there are still options laid out on the table for those people involved, as there always tend to be. Yet as is habit and history, they are fewer and far between. Yet they still exist and may continue to do so. What are they, you may be asking? Well, that is a great question…..

It seems that many banks have removed some of their options for loans to their clients and customers. I refer to stock based loans and margin loans. The qualifications for application and approval are far more stringent and demanding. One really need do the research before plunging in, as they say….for the world as a whole, and particularly in the world of economy and finances, has taken an absolute change. This is not for the worst, though it can be if one is not too careful or stuck in the times previous, as the rapidly progressing world is moving forward in a global and digital speed which has never been seen before… all the history of mankind.