WEN Cleansing Conditioners Are An Affordable Way To Manage Your Hair

Most women out there find their hair to be a part of their looks, part of their confidence and self esteem, which is why women go ballistic when they are having a bad hair day. This is especially daunting for women facing hair problems, whether its dry, brittle, oily, frizzy, or just damaged hair. Thankfully, WEN cleansing conditioners are on the market, and it is an all natural product sorting a 5 in 1 formula that is capable of breathing new vitality into any women’s hair.

Chaz Dean (https://chazdean.com/store.aspx) has made many products over the years of his career, with WEN being the most reputable. This is probably due to the fact that he spent so much time perfecting the formula, making sure the all natural ingredients were capable of providing a deep cleanse without stripping the hairs natural oils. There are many good reviews out there detailing how to use WEN, and Bustle.com’s review is probably the most popular, with Emily McClure trying out the product for a week. After she thoroughly tested WEN cleansing conditioners she published a review along with picture results of how it effected her hair. The results speak for themselves, as her hair was clearly fuller and looked healthier.

Chaz also had budget in mind when he created WEN cleansing conditioners, as he wanted women not only to be in the comfort of home and getting results, but to be able to afford those results. This is why every bottle of WEN is $40 dollars or less, which is a bargain compared to premium hair care products from salons. The products are available online thru eBay and Guthy-Renker. Also, because WEN is all natural and has no harsh chemicals, it is safe to be used not only every day, but alongside other hair styling products. However, using WEN with other product may alter the results or how long it takes to see them.

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EOS Sets New Standards For Lip Balm

EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, came into an oversaturated market and became the number one lip balm choice for the young generation. For over one hundred years, when people bought lip balm, they searched the store for the small cylinder, Chapstick. Seven years ago, EOS changed the world of lip balm with their pastel-colored orbs.

According to fastcompany.com, EOS’ lip balm quickly took over stores like Walmart and Target. The products are now also sold by online retailers Lucky Vitamin and  ULTA. EOS quickly gained support from celebrities Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian. The cute lip balm were featured in tons of beauty and fashion magazines.

 EOS lip balm quickly created a $250 million company that has become the second-best selling lip balm in the country. They even rose above the likes of Chapstick and Blistex, which have been around for decades.

This fast-growing company sells over 1 million orbs a week and their future is even more promising. The lip balm market is expected to increase to $2 billion in the next few years. This projection is driven by the consumers’ demand for natural and organic products; something EOS specializes in.

Beginning as a small start-up, EOS started out focusing every bit of their attention on creating quality products and getting them distributed. Co-founders, Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky, had an impossible idea of shaking things up in the beauty industry.

Their prime candidate for a change was the lip balm category. They noticed that most lip balm were unchanged from decades before. They believed that most brands were driven by only cutting their costs and still competing on price with other brands. There lied their opportunity.

They targeted women, who studies have shown overwhelming use lip balm in comparison to men. The co-founders started creating a product that would be customized for a woman’s everyday experiences. They needed a product that was effective and also very pleasurable to use. Thus, EOS Lip Balm was created, and has flourished ever since.

Read full article here: https://www.fastcompany.com/3063333/startup-report/the-untold-story-of-how-lip-balm-upstart-eos-outdid-chapstick?utm_content=buffer47040&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

Dick DeVos Seeks To Reform Education And help His Local Area

Dick DeVos is a philanthropist who has been on my radar for a number of years after I became aware of the work towards education reform he has played an important role in over the course of the last 30 years. I found out much more about the work of Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy through an interview with Betsy DeVos published by the Philanthropy Roundtable that explained much about the reasons why the couple became involved in the reform movement, and how they have worked in different political and philanthropic area to achieve the success they feel is not completed yet. For Dick DeVos, the need to find political answers to the many issues involved with education reform has driven him to become a member of the Michigan State Board of Education, and to work with politicians from all sides of the political spectrum to create a better way of bringing school choice and voucher programs to people across the U.S. The need to help others find the best ways of educating their children successfully came from a single visit to the Potter’s House Christian School in Michigan, which I am happy to see led to education reform becoming a major part of the life of Dick DeVos.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation is a major part of the success I feel Dick DeVos has made of his own life, which include his period as the President of the AmWay Group. Established in 1990 the foundation has been one of the top groups I feel has helped millions of people across the U.S. in education and health care reform; Dick DeVos has not limited himself to simply providing funding for educational programs, but instead also looks to aid the people of Michigan following the 2008 economic slowdown. Through his work with the Kennedy Center for the Arts and the Grand Action Plan Dick DeVos has impressed me by providing arts and business programs designed to increase the cultural and financial success of the Grand Rapids, Michigan region.


Tips For Healthy And Beautiful Hair

How To Keep Your Hair Healthy And Beautiful

Your hair, while it may be dead plays a pretty important role in your appearance. It is also actually an indicator of your health. Below are some tips and words of advice to keep your hair looking good, healthy and shiny so that you look your best everyday.

It is absolutely vital to keep your hair moisturized. This is what gives your hair volume and shine. Dry hair can look stiff and dull. On the other hand, you do not want to have oily hair either. Oily hair can look dirty and clump together. This can lead to a messy appearance.

The key to having healthy and beautiful hair is to use the right shampoo for your hair type. If you have oily hair, use a gentle and mild shampoo that will cleanse your hair of excess oil but won’t strip too much and cause you to have dry, dull hair. If you have dry hair use a moisturizing shampoo that will add volume and shine. Finding the right shampoo and balance is key to maintaining a healthy appearance of your hair so you look and feel great.

When you are looking for a hair care product, you may be swamped by the staggering number of choices you have at your disposal. There are shampoos, conditioners, detanglers and many other hair care products you can buy. Do you need all of them? Will they be effective?

Wen By Chaz Dean is an all natural botanical based hair care product that replaces your existing shampoo, conditioner, detangler, deep conditioner and leave in conditioner. It is a five in one product that can be used for many different hair types. Wen will add moisture, volume and shine to dry, dull hair. It can be used on many different hair types including, colored, wavy, curly, frizzy, long and short. Wen can even be used on ethnic hair type.

The secret to WEN is that is gently cleanses the hair without removing the natural oils found in your hair. Hair is cleaned but left moisturized, thus creating shine and volume. It also helps to detangle hair and protect it from the elements. Wen offers a 60 day money back guarantee on Guthy-Renker or QVC and does not contain any harsh chemicals like parabens.

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Kate Hudson Does Her Part In The Fight Against Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a serious health problem that impacts millions of people across the world every year. Thankfully, breast cancer awareness  has become a common concern for a wide variety of people, from high school athletes, all the way up to the President of the United States.

As is to be expected, various celebrities have also decided to do their part in helping rid the world of this destructive disease. One of the most recent of these celebrities was Kate Hudson.

This beautiful young actress is one of the most philanthropic celebrities in Hollywood, and she decided to focus her fashion firm, Fabletics, on the fight against breast cancer.

Fabletics focuses primarily on creating a variety of leisure wear, and is now working with the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Her pairing helped her get chosen as the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer ambassador for the year.

This new role has her working to create a line that women will want to wear, with much of the proceedings going to help benefit breast cancer research groups on Fabletics. She will be working to use her fashion group to help raise awareness and funds for breast cancer in a positive and constructive way.

Read more: The Council Of Fashion Designers Of America And Fabletics Join Forces For Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

When asked on the pairing, Hudson said: “It’s a no-brainer…I think every person has had an experience, or a friend, or parent or themselves, that has been diagnosed with breast cancer. When you think about it, it’s very scary, but we’ve come so far…We’ve got more and more survivors, but it’s something that’s still very much a part of our lives.”

What can fans of Fabletics expect from this new fashion line? Right now, it looks like it will contain one pair of capri leggings, a bralette, and two tank tops. The clothes here are relatively simple, for comfort’s sake, and currently shaded dark shades of pink. Hudson wanted to avoid bright shades that might be hard on the eye.

Pink is one of the main colors associated with breast cancer awareness, but Hudson wanted a “…pink with some depth to it,” in order to showcase the serious nature of breast cancer. Anything much lighter would seem too trite or “loud” for the purpose of this particular line.

In celebration of her new role and Fabletics new focus on fighting breast cancer, Hudson and her mother, Goldie Hawn, dyed their hair pink. To many, this was seem as a simple publicity stunt. However, Hudson and Hawn have years of experience working on projects like this.

As a result, it’s easy to see that this one hits close to home for both of them. Hopefully, her line is a success and raises some desperately needed funds for breast cancer research.

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UK Vintners’ Hall Hosts Over 120 Members of The City of London’s Livery Companies

The UK Vintners’ Hall invited more than 120 of The City of London’s Livery Companies members on September 26, 2016, for an event and reception. The Hall is home to The Worshipful Company of Vintners’.

“The Livery Halls are the perfect place for an event, particularly one such as Vintners’ Hall, as it brings a sense of grandeur to any gathering,” said Julie Fox, who is the clerk to The Worshipful Company of Vintners‘.

The Wardens and Clerks of the Livery Companies, a group that regularly hosts events in London and the area surrounding the city, attended the event that showed off the grandeur of the UK Vintners’ Hall.

Catered by Searcys, the reception featured an array of high end food. Dishes such as smoked eel croquettes and fois gras, white chocolate and truffle buttons were served alongside others.

Additionally, Searcys provides event management for The Hall alongside their catering services.

“The event was our most successful showcase to date,” says Patricia Paixao, Sales and Marketing Manager for Searcys at Vintners’ Hall.

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Paixao also states that the feedback they have received has been overwhelmingly positive and that Searcys looks forward to coordinating future events with the Vintners.

The Worshipful Company of Distillers plans to host all of this year’s key events at the UK Vintners’ Hall. Because of the Hall’s “focus on flexibility and quality”, according to Kim Lyons, Assistant Clerk of the Worshipful Company of Distillers; the company will be utilizing the Hall for hosting and drinking wine from the UK.

One of The Company’s upcoming events will feature more than 200 high end spirits and a tasting by some of the City’s most influential individuals. Focusing on UK-based wine list first and foremost is a must for The Company, and creating a menu to match is an imperative.

Vintners’ and Searcy combine creativity and flexibility to create these menus, making them a first choice for The Company’s events and gatherings.

To read more about the Vintners’ Hall and UK Vintners, see here.

Georgetown Grads Continue Growth of Sweetgreens

Today, the Sweetgreens chain of restaurants is a practical staple for college studnets in Washington DC. What once started as a small restaurant offering a healthy off-campus lunch option has continued to grow into one of the most successful small business restaurants in the country. What makes the chain even more special to those in the DC area is that several graduates of Georgetown founded it.


Three Georgetown graduates of the 2007 class started the first Sweetgreens location on M Street in 2010. The three graduates were nearing the end of their college education when they began to discuss the lack of off campus dining options that provided an affordable, convenient, and healthy option. The three young men quickly bonded over the desire to serve quality and healthy food, start their own business, and add value to the Georgetown area that was not previously present.


After the three graduates worked and continued their education, they continued to formulate their plan to open their first location. After taking out a personal loan from friends, family members, and investors, the three young men were able to raise the capital that they needed to open their first location in Georgetown in 2010. For the first few years, the restaurant operated out of one location, but as the reputation for quality grew, so did the demand for expansion.


By the end of 2016, just six years after the company was first formed, Sweetgreens is expected to have over 40 locations with over 1,700 employees. The company has opened up new locations all over the East Coast, including in New York, Boston, and Baltimore. The company has plans to continue its growth into Northern California, Los Angeles, and Chicago. They company has also gained a following for its philanthropy, technology, and lifestyle.


All three of the founders share a co-CEO role and have different roles in the company. Nathaniel Ru has continued to be the focal head of the company and has taken on the role of discussing the business with investors, customers, reporters, and in public forums. He has been very important in helping to develop the reputation for quality, which has been a hit with customers and investors.


Healthy Jicama Taco Recipe by Markus Rothkranz

Everyone enjoys tacos, they are a quick and filling meal that can appeal to all palates. In this video we’re shown a healthy alternative to eating tacos. Most people eat tacos with some kind of tortilla, which are usually fried, and then add a meat protein, followed by some veggies, cheese, and other flavorings. However, Cara Brotman is going to show us how to make healthy, raw, vegan tacos that are jam packed with flavor but also very simple to make.

Cara starts off by slicing some jicama very thinly with her mandolin slicer. Once she’s got the right width of her taco shell, she starts making some guacamole. “Less is more.” Cara tells us to keep in mind when making guacamole. She states that in her younger years she would add all sorts of bell peppers, onions, olive oil, etc. to guacamole but it doesn’t need all that. Some cilantro, lime, onion, and salt is all you need to add to your mashed avocados for an easy and delicious guacamole.

Next Cara shows us a squirt bottle filled with cashew cream which she’s going to drizzle over the tacos once finished. Cara begins to show us how to make the jicama tacos. She slightly folds the jicama shell in the palm of her hand and then dabs the guacamole in the middle and tops the guacamole with the cauliflower mixture she made in a previous video. Then she drizzles the cashew cream on top and the jicama taco is finished and ready to eat. An optional topping would be an organic hot sauce that can be bought at Whole Foods.

Cara finishes the video by tasting the taco and telling us that the flavors are just explosive and delicious. She says it’s one of the fastest recipes and would be really great for kids, especially since it’s healthy. You could even skip the cauliflower mixture and just dab the guacamole in the middle, drizzle the cashew cream and hot sauce, and still have an amazing healthy alternative for tacos.

This video was originally posted on YouTube and can be found here.

Davos Real Estate Group Launches a New Application

Davos Real Estate has been around for some time now. The company has managed to cement itself as a leading real estate company in the country. In what seems like an effort to improve its service portfolio, it recently launched a new mobile application that would streamline communication between its employees and clients.

Accompanied by other executive members, the company’s CEO David Osio presented the features of the app in front of a group of clients gathered from different parts of the country. The new app is called “Davos CAP Calculator.” The app will help clients calculate the rate of return on investments on real estate properties they choose. According to Osio, the app is a product of the latest technology developed in partnership with Tecknolution. It is available for iPhone and Android users and will be a financial guide to its thousands of clients. Apart from calculating ROIs, clients will also estimate rents and project mortgages for specific properties.

About David Osio

David Osio is the founder and Managing Director of Davos Financial Group, a group of companies operating in Venezuela and the United States. The companies are diffused in different industries in both countries. Davos Real Estate is just one of the companies under Davos Financial Group.

Osio started his career as a banker before venturing into business. He worked at the Bank of America and Swizz Bank where he managed legal issues affecting the companies. His time at these companies gave him an opportunity to gain skills and increase his level of experience as a financial investment lawyer. Working at these places also gave him a platform to learn more.

Loaded with skills and energy, David decided to venture into business in 1994. This is the time Davos Financial Group was born. The company initially set up offices in Venezuela before moving them to the United States. His vast experience and ability to make decisions relevant to the market trends has enabled him to find his way through the difficulties associated with investment.

David Osio currently lives in the United States. He is a well-known individual in the social circles. He has a strong sense of social responsibility in him. He is always an active member of non-profit organizations, especially in Miami. He is a board member of Miami Orchestra Symphony, an organization that makes positive impact on people’s lives through music and art. Osio is also an international donor.

Learn more: https://www.xing.com/profile/David_Osio

Madison Street Capital Nominated for 2016 M&A Advisor Award

Benzinga.com recently reported that Madison Street Capital, an investment firm based out of Chicago, has become one of the handful of the 2016 M&A Advisor Award finalists. The M&A Advisor Awards occur annually and are given to companies in the financial industry who have excelled in restructuring, deal-making and other forms of services that both benefit the client and the company. The acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. by Dowco that was handled by Madison Street Capital was a major cause for the nomination. Due to this acquisition transaction led by Karl D’Cunha,the Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital, the financial firm has also been nominated for the International and Industrial deal of the year, under the “Less than $100 Million” category and the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year.

These are just a few of the awards that the financial firm has accrued since it was founded by CEO Charles Botchway in 2005. In 2015 it was the winner of the 10th Annual M&A Advisor Turnaround Awards for their “Refinancing Deal of the Year” and a honoree for the NACVA’s “Forty Under Forty” Industry Mavericks Award. In 2016 they were the winner of the 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Awards.Through fast growth and service to both lower and middle international market businesses Madison Street Capital has become a prime example of excellence in its sector.

Since the beginning the company has always put its focus on the client and their needs by solving problems and answering questions in a timely manner. The financial firm boasts their commitment to delivering above and beyond customer satisfaction through experience, leadership and integrity. Madison Street Capital has expertise in several financial areas including mergers, acquisitions, corporate advisory, bankruptcy services, reorganization services, capital restructuring, private placements, corporate governance and ESOP advisory. These apply to both public and private businesses.

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