Dr. Rod Rohrich’s creativity in Body Lift

There are so many cases that we hear on a daily basis that people have various issues related to weight loss. This could affect many areas of the body including breast, upper arms, thighs, and buttocks and result in your body looking in an irregular shape. Feel free to visit Dr. Rohrich for Body Lift as he is a known surgeon in the field of plastic surgery and will likely perform surgery on you with complete ease. He is a renowned surgeon based out of the Dallas area and is not only recognized for his work in America but also abroad. He has served as the president of the Rhinoplasty Society in the past and is currently the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. These are some of the many other recognitions to his name.

Dr. Rohrich will carefully examine your body and your habits such as smoking to identify if you are a good fit for the surgery. He is also likely to go a step further with candidates who are not only serious and have some realistic goals about the surgery, but also who are committed to leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle post the surgical process. He suggests that adults whose weight loss has been stabilized are likely to be more like an ideal fit for the surgery and also individuals who have a clean medical history without any major challenges in the past.

Once you are done with your initial consultation, Dr. Rohrich would direct you to a photographer who would take your photographs for medical records and then you are likely to meet with one of the staff members to discuss the costs associated with further steps. If you are interested to visually see computer images, you could set up an additional consultation with the practitioner. Thigh lifts are one of the common body lift procedures that Dr. Rohrich performs and this type of surgery is mostly recommended for patients who have a sagging form of skin as a result of excessive weight loss. Apart from that, Dr. Rohrich could also perform a central body lift on you depending on your case and needs.

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Vinod Gupta and his Successful Career

Take as many risks as you can. However, remain conservative about spending your resources. Those are the words of Vinod Gupta, a revered business professional who defied all odds to conquer the world of entrepreneurship.

Background Information

Growing up in New Delhi, India, Vinod first joined the Indian Air Force as a flying officer deployed under the unit of engineering. Shortly after, he left to join the Indian School of Technology. While there, he majored in a degree in technology alongside agricultural engineering. Shortly after school, he obtained another admission to Nebraska University.

Starting out on Work

Gupta first practiced at Commodore Corporation where he served as the marketing analyst. Because the company majorly dealt with the evaluation and assessment of rival companies, he was trusted to handle the entire operations especially the company’s performance. He also offered solutions and oversaw the management of clients. Seeing that he was good in the business, the board of directors tasked him with the responsibility of listing home mobile dealers. Nevertheless, faced by the challenges of the business, he found it necessary to come up with an idea that would not render the collected information invalid.

Career Development and Growth

Being visionary, Gupta ordered more than 4,000 phone directories straight from Yellow Pages. He then compiled a list of contacts through the directories. At that moment, he asked Commodore for the option to purchase a list that would render him exclusive rights to allow him to sell to the company’s major competitors. Luckily, the company took it freely and Vinod received an email with over $22,000 orders every month.

Additional Information

When he left the company, the employees felt empty because a major vacuum was left behind. However, Vinod Gupta aspired to explore different options in career and business. For that reason, he created Business Research Services alongside American Business Lists. The two projects initiated major lists with telephone numbers to be used by marketers especially in mobile home firms. From that moment on, Gupta found it necessary to expand the business by establishing it in other firms including in companies that dealt with tractors and automobiles.

The Outline

Vinod Gupta is the perfect example of a successful business man who began from humble points. He prides himself on being a major employment docket for emerging professionals and underserved populations.

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Jeff Herman Wants to Help You Protect Against Sexual Abuse

In today’s society, stranger danger is not just a saying, it is a way of life. Children must not only know that they must watch out for sexual predators, but parents must know sexual abuse signs. Jeff Herman wishes that children could grow up in a world where child sexual abuse never happened. Until that time comes, he has tips for parents to protect child from sex abuse.

Jeff Herman Advises to not to be Afraid to Talk to Children About Protecting Themselves from Child Abuse

Parents are not always around when the initial child abuse occurs. Unfortunately, children are often unaware or too ashamed to tell parents that the abuse has started. One way to empower and protect children is for parents to have an honest discussion about child sex abuse.

Start talking to children at an early age about boundaries and their bodies. They must understand the anatomically correct names for their body parents. They also must know which body parts are boundaries and off limit for others to touch.

Keep the talk age appropriate and let them ask questions. Give child age-appropriate examples that children can understand. Emphasize that trusted individuals such as family members, police coaches and teachers aren’t allowed to touch those them in a sexual way. Never stop talking. The discussion should continue. The sex talk should never be a one-time thing.

Jeff Herman Advises Parents to Guard Against Child Sexual Abuse
Remember, children are no match for a seasoned predator. Parents should look for a change in behavior. Regression to previous behaviors that they’ve outgrown like thumb-sucking or bed-wetting. Showing signs of burst of anger, depression or fear of certain people and/or places.

Jeff Herman has the Background of Fight for Child Support Victims

Jeff Herman is an attorney. He’s spent his career getting victims of child sex abuse financial justice from their predators. Herman has exposed the Archdiocese of Miami’s clergy sexual abuse scandal. Jeff won a 2011 landmark $100 million verdict on behalf a client abused by a priest. In addition, he’s won financial just for many of his clients.

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The Mirror in Bob Honey Who Do stuff

After turning his back from the acting scene, Sean Penn has penned or rather dictated a dystopian novel that is turning heads. You will need to take time to read this book.

You do not want to miss out on many illustrations and aspects of literature due to its uncommon descriptive words. The reading of the book also calls for a dictionary at hand during the reading sessions. Moreover, it is advisable to read it in segments to make room for reflection.

The picture of a dystopian society painted by Sean, features Bob Honey, a septic tank dealer, and a government contract killer. Penn vents his criticism, frustrations and political opinions through Bob Honey.

Penn also mirrors characters, not in the political scene like the character Fletcher who is a reflection of El Chapo. Taking this action may have inspired and caused Penn’s meeting which can be termed as controversial.

The divorced Bob Honey comes out as antisocial although trying to reach out to socialize with people. His antisocial personality, however, cannot be put at bay, might be because of his killer job. Penn’s stance on social issues is easy to spot with clear highlights like in the epilogue.

The Russian hacking, Las Vegas shooting, Yemen’s civil conflict and I Too are quite clear here. He points at the absurdity of these issues not hiding his anger or criticism. He speaks unsparingly about Scientology which he terms as a means of escape for life’s absurdity. Moreover, he jabs at religion accusing it of corruption of humanity.

Penn also surfaces the humanitarian topic in the book. Bob Honey does not hesitate to go and give a hand with relief efforts after a calamitous hurricane strikes the United States. Moreover, he is seen going to Iraq after the war to assess the damage caused.

Penn is personified in this case as he has been on the forefront of humanitarian. Sean helped form an organization to help the earthquake victims of Haiti and organizing rescue efforts after hurricane Katrina struck. Through Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, other issues like Me Too which is does not succumb to the book’s subtlety; environmental responsibility and bullying, the latter taking a jab at US’ current president. For Sean not only did this story have to be written in a book, but also he wanted to own it, unlike the movie business entirely.

OSI Industries Celebrates Expansion into Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom

OSI Industries is a company with extraordinary growth over time, and it is all connected thru a steady growth started within the roots of early German immigrants who moved to Chicago, Illinois. We often think of the American Dream as coming from getting rich quick, but the success of OSI Industries has come with slow and steady growth thru some of the most financially difficult times in history.

OSI is a true story of success where Pop starts a meat packing company and hands it over to his two sons who in turn make the right decisions and work with strong strategic partners. The earliest years of his business Otto Kolschowsky started with himself, but later branched out into other parts of Chicago.

Otto’s sons gained the favor and admiration of Roy Kroc, even when Roy Kroc decided to reduce the number of meat packers for the company he chose to keep OSI as one of the 3-4 companies he contracted. Other elements made a difference for OSI success, and that was the introduction of flash freezing into the industrial packaging.

When OSI went global with McDonald’s, they could have slowed down, but they began expansion into other markets alongside the McDonalds success. The further development of OSI Industries to China, Japan, Spain, and Germany in the most recent years has the same drive for its clients as it gave to its earliest clients when Otto and his sons were still living.

OSI seeks to grow where it can and always tries to broaden its opportunities thru the clients it serves. For example, its partnership with MPO Global Trade and Baho Food has allowed OSI Industries to reap the benefits of partners success in integrating its client’s success strategies in the countries in which they operate. Anytime OSI Industries can help its client’s success is a win-win situation.

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Nick Vertucci Career

Investing is one of the best ways for a person to improve their financial position. Few people have the knowledge or skills needed to invest in real estate successfully. With rising housing prices in many areas of the United States, it is a great time to purchase an investment property.

Nick Vertucci started investing in real estate when he was young. He always enjoyed buying and selling homes. As a real estate investor, he was able to generate positive cash flow from multiple properties. With the additional income, he built a business around helping people invest for the future. Nick Vertucci currently operates a real estate investing academy that teaches people the basics of investing for the future.

Helping Others

Nick Vertucci enjoys managing his company for multiple reasons. Not only does he love the real estate business, but he also finds it rewarding to help other people reach their goals. The average person has little saved for the future. Most people struggle with high levels of debt. By investing in real estate, the average person has a much better chance of achieving their financial dreams.

Writing a Book

Nick Vertucci’s real estate academy is based online. Although teaching people online is a viable strategy, he also wanted to write a book related to investing. The process of writing a book is more arduous than most people think. He worked long hours each day to get the book completed. The book teaches people different real estate investing strategy to reach their goals.


Nick Vertucci has some general advice for anyone who wants to get started with real estate investing. He teaches people to spend a few months learning about the local real estate market. He also wants people to save up as much money as possible as a down payment on a home. Some people have to work extra jobs to save up the money. Nick does not believe in using loans that require no down payment. Instead, he teaches people to be conservative when borrowing money.

Sightsavers is Life Changing

The organization Sightsavers truly change people’s lives forever. There are several residents in communities such as Zambia that live everyday in pain because they don’t have adequate vision care. Those of us who live in the United States, take for granted things like clean water and antibiotics, but for other countries, this is a luxury. Sightsavers strive to save the vision of all ages with simple medical procedures that include washing eyes with clean water and using tweezers to alleviate painful eyelashes. The Sightsavers doctors have to endure long days of travel just to arrive at their grateful patients door and then administer medical care that only takes moments to provide. This life changing group known as Sightsavers perform miracles for all people both young and old. If people in these remote areas do not receive this medical attention they are unable to attend school or even work. Common ailments could prevent families from earning a living and feeding their children. There are many procedures given by the organization.


Cataract surgery is another service provided by Sightsavers and it totally changes the way a person sees the world. I can’t imagine having to travel for hours or possibly days just to accomplish something that can be done in just a matter of minutes here in the United States. Not only does Sightsavers perform procedures and exams, they also teach their patients good hygiene and ways to possibly prevent further issues. Sightsavers may be saving the sight of many but they also change their patients lives forever.




Sean Penn On Why He Decided To Write “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

It isn’t everyday that someone transitions from being a director to becoming an author. This kind of thing rarely happens. In Sean Penn’s case, however, he was happy to make the transition from director to author. He says that being an author allows him a freedom that he’s never before known. Writing books allows him to make his visions come to life. Although he has seen quite a few visions come to life when he was a part of the film industry, he often times had to collaborate with other producers and directors.


This means that he would sometimes have to change his vision for the film, and the film would often end up being less than what he wanted it to be. In Penn’s own words, the film would sometimes end up being “disappointing.” For this reason and this reason alone, Penn has chosen the author lifestyle. His book is called Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff and is about a typical guy who lives a not-so-typical life. Bob Honey is your average septic tank salesman.


He works hard to pay the bills then goes home to relax…or does he? When Bob Honey isn’t putting on a facade as your normal, everyday, blue-collar guy, he’s running around town killing old people. Bob Honey assassinates the elderly using a wooden mallet. He also does a lot of good, however, such as rescuing imprisoned Jews.


Because Sean Penn has never been known for authoring books, many have wondered where he got the idea for Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff and if he began writing because he became inspired by other authors, but Penn says that no authors have inspired him. Although people have been comparing him to some huge names in the world of books, most of the people that Penn is being compared to are people whose names he has never heard. Penn didn’t begin writing because any particular person inspired him to; he began writing because it was the only way he could freely express his thoughts and creativity without fear of them being changed.

The Rise of Second Hand in the Market And How The RealReal is Benefiting

Many people are starting to prefer second hand and thrift shopping. One of the reasons that second hand shopping seems to be popular is that people feel a little better about shopping there. While they are saving money, they also feel that they are doing something better for the environment. People are more conscious about the choices of clothing they make knowing that a lot of clothes are made at the expense of ethics, especially if they are some of the more stylish creations. This can bring forth a huge dilemma for people who want to look good with fashion.

There is good news, there is a company that is working very hard to bring about a great sense of style with the second hand market. This company is called The RealReal. One good thing about this brand it sells a lot of second hand clothing. It is not just basic and bland items. The RealReal actually has some of the latest and most unique styles. Therefore, people do not have to feel like they are compromising their self expression as a way to keep up with ethics. After all, great style and ethics do not have to be mutually exclusive.

The RealReal also offers some of the best in second hand appliances and materials. People can buy some of the best in electronics and furniture. The RealReal is mostly online. However, they are also experimenting with some of the more offline offers for customers to enjoy. They can see some of the items in person and find out what items will fit them the best. One good thing about The RealReal is that it is always paying attention to the market and making adjustments based on what they see is working. This gives them a future in the rapidly changing market.

Randal Nardone and The Elements That Form His Success in Fortress Investment Group

The world of investment is full of uncertainty, replete with unforeseen challenges and is not for the faint-hearted. Furthermore, the payoff in investment could be really big, but only if you do it right. The potential losses you get could be astoundingly ominous, and so you have to be careful with where you put your trust and what asset managers you hire. Fortunately, there are people like Randal Nardone, CEO, and Co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, that can make things happen and deliver the investment promises that they offer in their firms.

The Net Worth

It should be noted that in 2007, Randal Nardone had been ranked No. 557 in the Forbes’ Billionaire’s list, and that rank is what’s keeping him one of the most successful billionaires that have stepped on the world of investment. There are many reasons why he was able to pull off such success. For instance, the educational background he has at the University of Connecticut could have been formative in how he was able to pull off his success later on. Without his stint at Thacher Proffitt and Wood, he might not have been able to deliver the needed service required of him to be on the Forbes List. It also helps to know that Randal Nardone is based in New York, which is an important factor in getting the most business-conducive ideas for one’s company and for making sure that the business he implements are already applied to practice, and not just on academics and theory.

The Roles He Plays

Randal Nardone plays at least two major parts in the growth of Fortress Investment. The first one is through his work as the company’s co-founder, and the second one, being its CEO. For this reason, he is responsible for the entire general operations of the company, including making the right connections to establish Fortress Investment to where it should be in the years to come.On the one hand, this makes Randal one of the most passionate and impressive leaders because you can’t do this kind of job well if you don’t want to clock in as many hours as needed to reach your goal.Being part of 4 board of directors also allows him to play advisory roles, where he can practice his ideas on areas of business that are not directly related to his. Two of these boards include Brookdale Senior Living and Springleaf Holdings.