6 Weirdest Cake Ingredients That Work Surprisingly Well

Different people bake for different reasons. Some find baking to quite therapeutic, while others bake simply because they love eating cake. Whatever the reason may be, one cannot deny that the end product is usually very scrumptious. Although there are many recipes to choose from, it is only natural that you would wish to experiment a bit by modifying the recipes. Here are 6 very odd ingredients that you would have never considered adding to the cake mix.

Salted Pork

Chef Anthony Bourdain once claimed that there is no other meat in the world that can compare to the delicious goodness of pork. It was only a matter of time before people started incorporating pork into their dessert recipes. Heston Blumenthal has popularized bacon ice cream and it turns out that pork can make even make cakes taste better. However, instead of using bacon, salted pork is a much better alternative for baking. Cured pork belly cuts are particularly good for making cakes.


You might scoff at the idea of adding mayonnaise to your cake mix, but it would be a big mistake to underestimate what mayonnaise can do. Ever bite into a particularly moist and soft cake slice and wonder what the secret is? More often than not, that secret ingredient is mayonnaise. You can crack and whisk as may eggs as you please, but the cake just won’t be as moist as when you use mayo. In addition, mayonnaise also cuts down on the cooking time, thus letting you spend less time baking and more time eating.


Oh delicious cupcakes! We love them so much even though cupcakes may not be the best dessert for our health. All that butter can’t be so great for your heart or your hips, no matter how good the cupcakes taste. Want to bake cupcakes that taste great and are good for our health? Then sauerkraut is the answer. As strange as it sounds, adding sauerkraut in the cupcake batter works wonders. Leave out the butter and use low-fat sauerkraut and applesauce instead.


Chocolate may be divine on its own, but you can always make it better by giving it a spicy kick. Indeed, the geniuses at Tabasco have their own special edition chocolate that combines the heat of tabasco chili peppers with the sweetness of milk chocolate. When baking a chocolate cake, you can get the same results by adding jalapenos to the recipe. Go easy on the frosting to make sure that the spiciness of the jalapeno peppers is not overpowered by the sweetness.

Coca Cola

One of the well-kept secrets in the culinary word is the use of soft drinks for making different kinds of cake. If you try to look at the science behind adding cola to your cake batter, it will make you head spin. What you do need to know is that the distinct flavour of Coca Cola makes it a pastry chef’s top choice in fizzy drinks. In fact, the Culinary Institute of America has an entire section of cake recipes that use Coke as an ingredient. Apparently, Coca Cola goes especially well with chocolate and fruit cakes.

Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar isn’t just for salad dressings anymore. Turns out, it can be used as an ingredient for desserts as well; especially for cakes that feature strawberries as a key ingredient. A combination of sugar and balsamic vinegar helps to bring out the full flavour of strawberries and the tartness of vinegar nicely complements the sweetness. Balsamic vinegar is also great for any vanilla flavoured desserts.

Although your instincts may tell you that adding salted pork or balsamic vinegar to your cake is wrong, sometimes it is a good thing to fight your instincts.

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Today’s guest author, Emma Joseph, is a cake chef at Hiedelberg Cakes, a cake shop based in Adelaide, Australia. She is an avid reader and enjoys winding up her day with a cup of coffee and a good book.

Make Your Bakery Beautiful And Your Coffee Shop Charming!

Now you wouldn’t think that you’d need any help at all selling cakes would you? Surely they sell themselves?! That’s true to a point but don’t underestimate how much power a good display can have. If you run a coffee shop or a bakery when was the last time you reviewed your display? Could you make those yummy cakes look even more appealing to your hungry customers?

There are certain tricks you can employ to maximise sales from your cake counter. And don’t forget that every time someone buys a cake or a biscuit they will probably grab a cup of tea or coffee too. It’s essential to your bottom line that you sell every cake on display every day, not just to increase your profits but also to reduce wastage. Below are some ideas for displaying your cakes in a novel way.

Ambient Cakes

Ambient cakes and desserts are ones that usually would be refrigerated but have been treated so that they can be stored at ambient (room) temperatures for longer than they would usually last. Keep all of your ambient goods together so that you have room to keep the refrigerated goods elsewhere. Choose a display cabinet that is tiered so each cake gets its own moment of glory. With whole cakes, take one slice out and set it on top of the cake so that customers can see what is in the middle. And for loaf cakes, take one slice off the front (the crust is never going to look that appealing) and pop it on top of the loaf so again, customers can see what’s inside. Don’t be tempted to stuff all of your stock out in one go – keep it sparse and make it look like every cake is treasured in its own right. Remember to keep topping up the levels though as they are being sold or else you run the risk of discovering a whole tray of cakes five minutes before closing time!

Refrigerated Cakes

You need to make sure that you have a dedicated refrigerator cabinet for these cakes. They generally contain cream and other dairy products so you need to keep them cool to protect your customers’ health. Food poisoning is not good for business! Handle the cakes extremely carefully as you set them out – and sell off cheap any that are damaged to staff or customers. It’s not hard to ruin a cream cake by rough handling it, so be as delicate as you can. Think of interesting colour schemes to set the cakes out in. Again, a tiered cabinet is great as it gives each cake its own little bit of limelight.

As the day progresses keep on top of the display, cleaning trays down regularly and filling holes with new stock. The display should look as good in the afternoon as it does first thing in the morning.

When you have set out your display stand back and look at it. Is it in proportion? Does it scream ‘eat me’? Don’t rest until it does!

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Ian Stephen is an interior designer with SpaceWall Industries. Ian is a coffee lover and can spend hours reading a book in his nearby coffee shop. Ian specializes in store and shop fittings.

Food Safety Is Critical – Don’t Risk Contamination In Your Outlet!

Running a restaurant is a serious business, but there is nothing you should take more seriously than the safety of your food. Food hygiene is everything – you want to be remembered for your food for all the right reasons. You need to be absolutely sure that every single ingredient you use is safe and free from contamination, and this starts a long time before it arrives in your kitchen. It’s essential that you use trusted suppliers with a reputation for great hygiene. Here’s a little more about it:

Clean Rooms

When food is packaged and sealed, it should be carried out in a controlled environment, which is usually called a clean room. Clean rooms are also used for making medical devices and producing microchips so they are a very safe place to carry out work with food to prevent contamination. Every single one of your suppliers should be packing their food in clean rooms so as to avoid contamination, and this should be a key thing in helping you choose the best suppliers for you. Clean rooms control the amount and the type of air that is being circulated; meaning the transfer of germs is kept to an absolute minimum.

Setting and Maintaining Standards

Once the food hits your kitchens it is vital that the hygiene process continues. This means that all your staff should be trained in food hygiene to a very high standard. Make sure everybody knows the rules of the kitchen – from which colour chopping boards to use for which foods, to having a top notch cleaning routine. You will be visited regularly by health inspectors and they will need to see evidence that laws are being adhered to, and staff are conscientious about the way they treat the food. A daily and weekly cleaning checklist should be put up on the walls so you can keep track of everything that has been done, and everything that still needs to be done. Anyone found compromising your food safety standards should be disciplined, and fired if it continues.

Personal Hygiene

It’s essential that you and your staff have a high level of personal hygiene when working with food. Nails should be short and clean, hair should be tied up in a hairnet, and uniform and shoes should be immaculate. Hands should always be washed upon entering the kitchen, and again between handling different kinds of foods. Nobody with a cough, cold or stomach complaint should ever be allowed to work in your kitchen as it is just too easy for germs to spread.

Earning a reputation for great food starts with earning a reputation for excellent food hygiene standards. It takes a long time to build up that reputation, so never risk losing it over one little detail. Maintain the highest possible standards for your suppliers, your staff and your kitchen to make sure you are never compromised. Keep regular checks on how things are running in the kitchen and then you can concentrate on delivering great quality food to your happy customers!

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Today’s guest author, Jenny Wadlow, is a freelance blogger. She has written quite a few articles for Arden, a spray booth and clean room store in Australia. She is a tech enthusiast and stays updated on the latest tech innovations that hit the market.

Five Awesome Things You Need To Host An Awesome Party

Even the five year olds these days can host a party by throwing two and two together. But hosting an awesome party, well, that takes some effort and of course, a good level of awesomeness. The quest to a party that’s the only thing people can talk about is slightly twisted, can be tiresome, and most desired by all. But if you- as the awesome host that you naturally are- intend to become something of an urban legend, this quest is just five awesome steps away from success (excuse the overuse of “awesome”, but that’s how this is).

1)   The awesome plan

Most things awesome happen when there’s a good plan in hand. The same goes for your party. This is the first step to hosting even a tiny tea party. First, pick a theme. This could be decided on the basis of the season, the occasion, the location, the budget, the resources and something you’ve always wanted to do. Having a theme will not only keep your little left sanity intact by easing the planning process, but also help your guests get a good idea of what to expect and how to dress. Moreover, you actually get a good roadmap with how to proceed and whether you can actually afford doing something along the lines of what you’ve thought.

2)   The awesome guests

As creepily appealing as the idea may seem, don’t be that kid who cut and ate his sixth birthday all alone. Make a guest list. More importantly, make a guest list of the people you like partying with and the ones who’re spontaneous enough to take any theme seriously. Inviting all and sundry is okay, but does the idea of hosting an all-you-can-eat buffet make you feel happy? Pulling the wrong crowd would also lead to unwanted drama and ruckus you wish you didn’t have to witness or worse, host.

3)   The awesome music

Even the most tragic moments in life have a well-suited background score to go with it. Plus, have you ever heard of a successful party where no music was at all? Ideally, the playlist gets sorted the moment you pick a theme for the party. But of course, it’s unforgettable to see people dressed for a vintage-themed party dance to Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj songs. So, if there’s an extra level of craziness you want in your party, you can always go for a shockingly contrasting playlist for at least some part of the evening. And don’t forget to put in a flash-mob-like song, especially if it’s a costume party- very few things match up to watching a zombie, a Disney princess, a Batman and a Count Dracula dance in the same room.

4)   The awesome food and drinks

All said and done, no guest expects to leave a party hungry and thirsty. One of the most defining aspects of any party is the food and drinks served. Your choice of cuisine, the attention to detail, you keen sense of style and your thoughtfulness as a host, are all reflected here. Have a well-stocked bar, where alcohol can either flow like the River Nile or a limited inventory, in case you’re worried about any drunken brawls. You have the guest list to help you set the menu. If you can manage to have something on shelf that appeals to every guest, urban legends will speak of you for centuries to come.

5)   The other awesome things

This involves the crazy games, the accessories and installations and the return gifts. When it comes to games, deviate away from that done-to-death beer pong, please. Have games that can be played by both, the drinking as well as the non-drinking parties. Because, in this moment, it becomes the purpose of your existence to make sure everyone has a good time. Install cocktail, karaoke and jukebox machines- those things NEVER fail to make people go crazy. Set up lighting that can be anything from trippy neon lights, to soft ambient lights. Hook up an earth-shaking sound system that’ll make even the most shy dancers hit the dance floor (not literally, of course). And, if you’re feeling a little too grand, give the crowd some fireworks show too. And finally, when it’s time for the guests to leave, send them off with personalized little gifts. Because, you are that awesome.

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Jenny Wadlow is a supervisor at Dial A Juke Box, leading suppliers of cocktail machine for hire. She is a party lover and often invites friends over to her place on weekends. She is also active on social networking sites and you can follow her on @JennyWadlow.

Quali-tea! Pimp Your Cuppa!

Having a cup of tea is a great excuse to sit back, unwind and have a break from the daily routine. It shouldn’t be rushed – take your time and wallow in the few minutes’ peace you have. Don’t just throw a teabag in a cup, make a bland cup of tea and drink half of it. A cup of tea should be savoured, so put a little effort into it and allow your tea break to be a special occasion. It won’t be long before your nose is back to the grindstone, so make the most of your cuppa and put a little extra effort into it.

Here’s how you can make your tea break a little bit special!

Tea Sets

Don’t just reach for the first chipped mug that you can find, regardless of whether it’s clean or not. Have a dedicated matching tea set for pure satisfaction. You should have a cup and saucer (or a mug if you’d prefer), a beautiful teapot to serve the tea from and a special spoon for the sugar. If you are feeling really decadent then pour the milk into a little serving jug. Make your cup of tea a luxurious occasion!


No cuppa is complete without a little bit of naughtiness on the side! A chocolate biscuit or a Danish pastry will go down a treat, and sugared biscuits and cakes go really well with tea. Serve it up beautifully on a little side plate, perhaps with a doily or a napkin. Keep your biscuits and cakes in a kitsch little cake tin especially for occasions such as these!

Choose Your Chill Out Spot

When you stop for a cup of tea, for goodness sake STOP! This means stepping away from your work and going to another place for a change of scenery. If the weather is good then go outside and sit with nature. And if it’s not then pull up a cosy chair by a window or a fire. Sitting in the same place all day is bad for you – you need to shake it up a bit. You will go back to your desk refreshed and revived.


Rather than a plain old teabag how about some loose tea? It’s fresh and gorgeous and it adds a sense of occasion to your cuppa. Invest in a beautiful tea strainer and maybe a top quality infuser to get the most from the leaves. Store your tea in a gorgeous patterned tin container – it will keep it fresh and look beautiful on your kitchen shelves.

A cup of tea is more than just a break. It’s a ritual! Don’t underestimate the importance of taking a break, and when you take that break make sure you go out of your way to make it special. Regular tea breaks have been proven to increase efficiency and productivity so next time you are tempted to skip a break, remind yourself of that! Make your tea break decadent and exquisite – you’ll feel really rewarded afterwards and ready to hit the workload again.

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The contributor of this post, Alex Walden, is a tea connoisseur. He’s always looking for the best way to brew a perfect pot of tea and is a proponent of the health benefits of loose leaf tea.

Four Reasons Why Caffeine Is Not Always The Bad Guy!

It has long been stated by doctors and health professionals that too much caffeine is bad for you. In large quantities, we’d agree. However there are health benefits associated with caffeine so maybe it’s time we let it off the hook a little bit and stop feeling so guilty about the odd cup of tea or coffee.

Caffeine is everywhere – tea, coffee and energy drinks and packed with it, and even a good old fashioned chocolate bar is stuffed with it too. It can be hard, but not impossible, to avoid it – decaffeinated versions of most drinks and snacks are available these days. Those with health issues or people trying to lose weight are advised to keep away from it, but it’s really not that bad! Here are some good things that caffeine does for you. We’re not saying to drink loads of it, but we’re just trying to redress the balance a bit!

It’s a Mental Stimulant

When you’re flagging, a strong cup of tea or coffee is enough to give you a much-needed boost of energy and it’ll help you get through the rest of the day. Caffeine helps to keep your brain alert and while you shouldn’t rely on it, it can be useful as a pick-me-up. Stopping for a coffee when you’re driving is brilliant for refreshing you and giving you extra energy for the rest of your journey.

Caffeine helps our bodies produce extra amounts of adrenaline for when it really matters. Athletes take caffeine products before they have to compete to give them the edge.

It Prevents Disease

Caffeine has long been associated with helping to stave off certain diseases. Diabetes can be controlled by caffeine at least in part, and it is also thought to be useful in keeping gout and Alzheimer’s disease at bay. It is also great for relieving mild headaches and premenstrual cramps.

It Makes Us Happy!

Caffeine is instrumental in helping the body produce larger quantities of dopamine, which is a chemical that is associated with happiness and positive thinking. Dopamine helps to keep depression away and it helps us to strive for success, work hard and reach our goals. Positive thinking is a self-fulfilling prophecy – the more you believe the more you are likely to achieve.

You May Even Lose Weight!

Okay so the doctors say to stay off caffeine if you’re trying to lose weight but it can actually help in small doses! It is a key ingredient in most diet pills as it helps the metabolism to work efficiently. The calories come not from the caffeine but from the things we add to it. In tea and coffee’s case, it’s milk, sugar and cream and in chocolate’s case it’s the sugar.

So maybe caffeine isn’t the out and out enemy we thought it was? In small quantities it can be really beneficial to your health and your mental state so while we are not advocating a caffeine addiction, we are saying that a little caffeine here and there can help you out. Black tea anyone?!

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This post was authored by Henry Dickens; he works for a leading oolong tea provider and he is dedicated to his work. When he is not busy working, he likes to share his thoughts and opinions with readers through blogs.

Stressed? Under Pressure? Then Stop For A Coffee!


We’ve all been there. Working under pressure to meet a deadline is a very stressful place to be. It’s also very motivating too – there is nothing like a deadline to focus your mind and get you working to capacity. But stop! We know the temptation is to press on and work constantly, but unless you stop for regular breaks you will find that the quality of your work significantly decreases.

It has been scientifically proven that the human mind can only concentrate to its full ability for around 45 minutes at a time. So if you have been working flat out for 8 hours in a row then what do you expect to happen? Your work will suffer as a result and you won’t get the satisfaction you’re looking for. Here are just some of the reasons you need a break. Why don’t you go and get yourself a coffee while you’re reading this?!


Every human being needs interaction with other human beings. By chaining yourself to your desk for hours on end you are cutting yourself off from other people. Chatting with colleagues and friends can be hugely beneficial to your work’s final outcome. You can bounce ideas off them, and they can help you see things from different angles. And if you don’t want to talk about work then a quick chat about the weather or something else completely disassociated with work will help you come back to it fresh.

A Change of Scenery

We all need stimulation and you’re not going to get a whole load of it sitting in front of a computer. How about grabbing your coat and heading off for a take-out coffee? Take it to a park or a river or whichever place you feel inspired in and take a minute to soak up your new environment. Nice isn’t it? Don’t you think you should do it more often? Even a wander through town is enough to get your mind thinking about other things. You will come back to your work invigorated and ready to hit it again with energy.


Ok you’re not going to get a whole load of nutrition from a cup of coffee. But if you grab a snack along the way you will be arming your body with some much-needed refreshment. Going for long periods of time without food is really bad for your body and your brain – you’ll find yourself making silly mistakes that you wouldn’t normally make. A quick sandwich or salad will boost your energy levels and set you up for the next stint of work.

Grabbing a quick cup of coffee is all you need to stay on the ball. Opt for decaffeinated coffee if you are concerned about your caffeine intake – it has all the same benefits without making you jittery. Anything that takes you away from your desk for a few minutes has to be a good thing. Set an alarm if you think you’ll forget – or ask a colleague to give you a nudge from time to time. You’ll be glad you did!

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Jake Tyler is a leading distributor of wholesale coffee beans. A coffee lover to the core, according to him there are few better ways of getting over stress than a quick cup of coffee. A passionate blogger, he write about a variety of issues in his free time.

Australian Food And Wine – A Match Made In Heaven

Last sip of wine

Australia has more than its fair share of fantastic wines, and in fact it is probably fair to say it produces some of the best that the New World has to offer. It is no slouch on the foodie front either. With more fresh produce than seems possible, there are some truly scrumptious traditional and fusion recipes on offer. When we marry these two heavyweights together, we are faced with a truly knockout selection of dining options. This article looks at some classic restaurant fare and picks the best Australian wine option to wash down the meal with a smile on your face.

Grilled Porterhouse with Hollandaise sauce

A classic steak dish that is fairly simple to reproduce in restaurant quality, just ensure the steaks are proper porterhouse variety and about a couple of inches thick. This will be a perfect match for most Shiraz wines. One of the best is as follows:

  • Cat Amongst The Pigeons – Barossa Valley. This is a fairly heavy wine that includes some excellent layering flavours that include blueberry, blackberry and pepper. It is more than a match for the delicious porterhouse main course that it accompanies.


Thai Green Curried Chicken


This delicate yet quite fiery Thai classic dish contains some very complex flavours, due to the mix of coconut milk, coriander and lemon grass. The chicken selected in the restaurant dishes is usually tender breast meat, although the authentic Thailand dish prefers the succulent brown meat. It is suited to a white wine, as most chicken dishes seem to lend themselves to.

  • Bay Of Fires Riesling – Northern Tasmania. This aromatic and flowery wine variety displays a high acidity that allows it to sit well with the complex flavours of the Thai green curry dish. The Bay of fires wine is an award winning variety that can stand up to even hotter dishes than this green curry, but is versatile enough to enjoy with this one in particular.

Spanish Paella


A classic rice and seafood based Spanish traditional dish, this can be enjoyed in many Australian fusion restaurants as well as Spanish outlets. It is particularly enjoyable when constructed using fresh seafood and herbs for the golden country. The Spanish influence suggests that we should try one of its countryside cousins when looking at a wine to match this dish. It can be enjoyed with a crisp white wine, a fizzy rose or a sombre red. For such a well-travelled and versatile dish, why not try all three? But not at the same time of course:

  • Sandalford Margaret River Rose 2011 – A fuchsia pink award winning wine from Margaret River, this wine brings berry fruits with a natural acidity that provides a refreshing finish. Think about strawberries and cream regarding the nose and you would be pretty spot on. It matches the paella pound for pound and will always leave you asking for more. The Sandalford winery has won many awards and has been in existence for more than half a century.
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Today’s guest post author is Harry William. A wine lover to the core, he has travelled far and wide in search of the best wine. According to him, the Noosa heads resort serves some of the best wine and so often visits the place.

Let’s Hear It For Coffee!


Coffee is a great drink that can pick you up at any time of the day. But were you aware that it has been proven, on many levels, that coffee is actually good for you? In recent times, scientists have run an awful lot of tests on our favourite bean, and some of the results have been nothing short of amazing. This article tips its cap towards caffeine and reveals some of those little known facts.

Coffee Can Make You Clever

caffeinating, calculating, computerating

We all know that a nice cup of hot coffee will wake almost anybody up in the morning, but it also contains a stimulant that enhances your levels of clear thought. The stimulant is non other than caffeine, and this has been proven to act in a very scientific way when it starts to affect our brain. There is an inhibitory neurotransmitter called Adenosine that has a negative effect on the way that we are able to process our thoughts. Caffeine has the ability to block this nasty little signal and encourages the release of dopamine and norepinephrine. These two neurotransmitters can improve our moods and make us feel somewhat happier than before. Caffeine also improves our reaction times and gives out memory a kick when required.

Coffee Can Reduce The Chances Of Catching Type 2 Diabetes

Qiqi Stop Diabetes January 06, 20101

As you probably are aware, Type 2 diabetes is a life threatening disease that has affected over 300 million people worldwide. The disease usually starts due to high blood sugar levels and this because of an insulin resistance. It has been proven that for each cup of coffee you drink per day, you can reduce the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes by 7 per cent. In some cases, the patient actually reduced the risk by an amazing 67 per cent.

Coffee Can Be Good For Your Liver

Your liver is an extremely vital organ that has hundreds of important uses to keep your body nice and healthy. If you consume too much alcohol or fructose, you can risk damaging this organ. One of the most common diseases associated with liver damage is called Cirrhosis, usually brought on by excessive alcohol abuse. Drinking coffee has been proven to reduce the chances of developing this disease by as high as 80 per cent. It has also been suggested that drinking coffee can reduce the chance of developing liver cancer by a massive forty per cent.

Coffee Is Packed With Nutrients And Antioxidants

There are many people out there, probably tea drinkers, who believe coffee is just a black sludge. Well it is packed with many good things and people should perhaps take a look at the ingredients before ‘spouting’ off! The coffee bean contains some seriously good stuff and some of this is transferred into your cup. It also contains a huge helping of antioxidants and they can flush a lot of junk out of your system. In fact, did you know that coffee is the biggest source of antioxidants in the Western world?

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Brian King, author of this post, is a blogger and keeps himself up-to-date with the latest in the field of technology. He likes to buy coffee on his way back from work; he finds it to extremely invigorating after a long day at work.

Keep Your Diet At Bay With The Delectable Diet-Friendly Ice Cream Choices

Dying to have a scoop of your favorite ice cream? Is the thought of your expanding waist line and gym trainers pulling you back? If so, then it’s time you let you off the hook and relish a quick dose of sweet temptation with some diet friendly ice creams. Don’t keep yourself away from your refrigerator just because you don’t want to get tempted with delicious ice creams.

Diet friendly ice creams are now available in a wide range of varieties, all of which can satiate your taste buds while adding no extra calories or fats to your diet chart. Here’s a list of 10 diet friendly ice creams which can prove to be useful in those times of longing:

Granita (The Italian Ice)

Just as the name suggests, this healthy mixture of liquid fruit juices and sugar in 4:1 proportion is all high on nutritional values and low on fat content. The continuous stirring during preparation adds to its unique flaky texture.

Fat Free/Sugar Free Fudgesicle

If you cannot subtract chocolate from your dessert, then this is indeed a savior for your diet plan. A single pack of Fat and Sugar free Fudgesicle contains as low as 0.3 grams of fat and 40 calories per serving. What else can appease your diet plan so perfectly?

Snickers Mini Ice Cream

Don’t punish yourself by staying away from those deliciously tempting mini bars, all laced with oodles of golden caramel and tons of nuts. Instead, enjoy a new flavour of snickers by mixing it with frozen ice cream which will not only subtract all those harmful calories from your hearty diet, but also satiate your sweet tooth with the tantalizing flavour.

Choc mint ice cream balls

Ideal for those scorching summer months, the choc mint ice cream balls will provide you the much needed relief from the extensive heat. An ideal combination of vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate and mint sauce makes the ice cream balls an instant hit with the kids as well as all those who’re looking to lose those few extra pounds.

Giant Mint Fudge Ice Cream Sundae Cone

Imagine yourself delving into a chocolate cone flavored with layers of yummy mint ice cream. Yes, that’s correct. Also, what’s unbeatable are the number of the calories you’re in-taking with this inventive ice cream variety. Catering to all those diet freaks out there, this ice cream sundae is going to please you to bits.

Blueberry “Mock” Ice Cream

A Yoplait Light Blueberry 100 calorie pack combined with banana and some blueberries create an astonishingly delightful flavour. It is easy to prepare, delicious to eat and restrained on its calorie quotient at the same time.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Peanut butter is naturally low on fat content and provides the best compensation for cream milk. This mixture is fused with a delectable, chocolate flavor and gives the other traditional desserts a run for their money.

Soft-Serve Banana ‘Ice Cream’

The softness of frozen banana yields nothing but magic when given a twist in the food processor. The best part is its easy and quick preparation; the absence of preservatives adds to the charm of the sweet concoction.

Watermelon pops

The fresh zeal of watermelon, a dose of lemon and a dab of honey create one of the juiciest desserts you might have ever tasted. The combo of sweet and sour ingredients makes it exotic, unique and extremely delicious.

Creamsicle Orange & Raspberry Ice Cream Bars

Ice cream bars have always catered to our childish fantasies, especially, if they are available in a variety of delectable flavors. The ideal combination of fruit sherbet and vanilla ice cream will keep those tongues wagging and those fingers licking with every bite.

The above list proves to be a perfect idea to set up your own ice cream franchise for those diet conscious ice cream lovers.

Stanley Cooper has always dreamed of owning his own ice cream franchise. He is studying the ins and outs of the business before taking the plunge and pursuing his childhood dream.