Eucatex’s Success With A Highly Skilled President

During the 1950s in Brazil, most companies didn’t think much about the environment. The regulations were few and far between. Most industries likely wanted to keep it that way. However, one company bucked the trend and was ahead of their time. Eucatex got off the ground in the beginning of the 1950s, as a company that strived to be environmentally friendly. More than 50 years later, the company is still paying very close attention to the health of the environment. They also are a highly successful company, and their goods are used throughout the world. Eucatex has a way of using materials that often are seen as unique. This has likely helped them to stand out, and it will likely continue to do so. In fact, the company may continue to grow even further. Their current president, Flavio Maluf, is doing an excellent job of running the company and promoting their goods.

Eucatex makes goods that are used in homes, such as paints. However, some of their goods are used by industries. These goods use a lot of different materials. However, the materials that are used include unusual things, such as eucalyptus. Many people are likely drawn to their products, due to the unusual materials that are used. However, these materials are also very functional. The products made by Eucatex tend to be very durable, long lasting, and effective. Not only are Eucatex’s products popular in Brazil, but they are also popular internationally. Their products are used in countries, such as the United States and in European countries. However, their products are essentially available on a worldwide scale. The environmentally healthy nature of the company has caused them to be seen in a positive light. This is especially the case, since they were environmentally conscious before the soundness of the natural environment was taken seriously.

Flavio Maluf really knows how to do a good job running a business like Eucatex, thanks to those years of experience. He has a great educational background for it. He is a graduate of two different highly respected colleges. First off, he graduated from the Brazilian University, FAAP. This is among Brazil’s best colleges. Secondly, he also has a degree from NYU.  This experience has led to Flavio’s commitment to education in recent times.  Something that he’s been focusing on more and more these days.

Furthermore, he’s an experienced businessman. He has been the president of Eucatex for quite a while, and he has done a good job there. This shows that he is likely to continue to bring good things to the company. He has also done a great job at being the president of his second company, GrandFoods.  Flavio is on social media with Twitter, and he also pens many articles.  A good recent one from Mr. Maluf broke down the Rubbermaid merger, and what it means for Brazil’s future.