Weddings Get A Lot Easier With Slyce

Weddings are a complicated thing that involves gifts, attire and a host of other issues that once took months to deal with. People had to spend a lot of time and precious resources to make sure that they would get what they needed when it was time for the ceremony to actually start. An app like Slyce has been touted by the Huffington Post totally changes that because it gives people instant access to all the things they need.

People who use Slyce are putting pictures in the app to get shopping results, and they need to make sure that they have taken steps that are going to help them save money and get what they need. Picking wedding presents is hard enough, and picking out clothes for a wedding is even harder. Slyce cuts down the search time for anything that people need for weddings, and it lets them right into registries that people use when they are shopping for the weddings.

The people that need to get dressed for a wedding can find something that will look great, and they can search using samples that were given to them by the bride or the groom. Everyone can get dressed perfectly for the wedding, and they will feel like a million bucks because they picked perfectly within the confines of what the bride and groom wanted.

Other mobile apps will help people rent attire for the big day, pick the right shoes and find the right accessories. An app like Slyce gives people all the things they need from some of the best stores in the world. A pair of shoes, a bag and a dress are easy to find. A suit and a tie are going to be easy to get at a good price, and the people that are shopping for gifts can still get items out of the registry online. The integrated image recognition technology that people are using is going to make shopping for a wedding a lot easier, and it is going to change the way that people are going to shop before a wedding to get ready or to find just the right gift.

The Recap of a Successful CEO

To most of the people that are in this world, it is a well-known fact that January is the coldest and most anti-social time of the year. This is why so many people end up cooped up with nowhere to go and nothing to do.

This is, however, not the case for the people of Las Vegas, and the people who travel from around the world to Las Vegas every year for the CES event, or as many know it, the Consumer Electronics Show. For years now, this has been the bliss for many during the winter blues period of time.
Many people have dubbed the CES event to be one of the best events to take place throughout the history of technology. The CES event was created by individuals who wanted to show the people who are not informed, all of the things that they need to know about technology that is available to them today, and also about the technology that will be available in the future. As popular as this event has become, it comes as no surprise that every year, more and more people are starting to come and witness the excitement that is known as the CES event.

Ever hear of smart houses, or electric cars, or even drones? Those are all just some of the things that were discussed at the last event that took place in Vegas. Things like that are the reason why so many people from all over come to see this spectacular event.

With the newest inventions coming out and blowing everyone away, no one wants to be the one who doesn’t know what everyone is talking about. That is why it is so important to keep up on the information that is concerning the technology of today. Coming to the CES event has quickly become a hobby to many technologically-minded individuals all over including Marcio Aloar OMG, and it will continue to be a fascination to many for many years to come.

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Marcio Alaor

For someone who has attended many of the CES events, Marcio Alaor is seen as a very intelligent individual. He has made sure to make it his goal to live a great life, while still taking care to keep everyone happy.

There is no other person that is quite like Marcio, and that is why he has become such a big hit among many different types of people, being part of the team of executives with the Recipe Man.

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Mr Sanjay Shah, the founder and CEO of Solo Capital, is an impeccable financial and business guru who has excelled in creating award-worthy companies under his able leadership. Solo Capital Partners LLP is a London- based financial boutique company regulated by Register.FCA. As the owner of Aesa S.a.r.l., he controls Solo Capital Holdings. Solo Capital provides financial services to individuals and organizations. It is a computer software company that has employed around 200 employees and has its headquarters at 10 EXCHANGE SQUARE PRIMROSE STREET. The company made over £20m as of March 2015. Sanjay Shah also owns over 30 other companies in cities such as London and Dubai, which he uses as his headquarters.

Sanjay Shah according to the Sunday Times is also the founder of Autism Rocks, which according to is a charitable organization based in London whose sole purpose is to fund autism research. To participate in the worthy cause, an individual must be invited to the concert and charity event. Besides providing funds for the advancement of research on autism, it also provides support services to the affected. Autism Rocks was founded in 2014 by the philanthropist Sanjay after his son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with the disease in 2011. Among the famous musicians who have performed at the foundation’s events are Drake and Lenny Kravitz. A press release by P R Newswire revealed that he recently appointed Will Best and Pete Best to act as members of the board of trustees. He is the trustee of Autism Research Trust and acts as the trust director as well. The trust provides funds for the Cambridge Autism Research Center for research purposes.
He is a fierce business icon whose business sense is truly unrivaled. Valued at US$280 million as of January 2016, Sanjay is a successful entrepreneur. Sanjay Shah is a family man who is married to one wife.

George Soros Hopes to Shake Up This Year’s Voting


As we all know by now, Donald Trump is on a mission to become our next president. Debate after debate, he makes it clear that he wants to shake up the United States and “Make America Great Again”. This is why he’s currently winning the other Republican candidates, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, in the polls. At this point, he’s even gathered up the support of former Republican hopefuls Chris Christie and Ben Carson. With all this momentum that Trump is gaining, George Soros knows he needs to take action.

Soros is currently putting together a $15 million campaign in the hopes to mobolize Latino and immigrant voters. He wants to get these individuals to come out to the polls this November in droves. Soros feels that by targeting these individuals, they can truly impact the numbers and whichever Democratic candidate in office. Right now, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are both vying for that spot.

The reason why Soros wants to reach out to the Latino and immigrant voters is that Trump has made it pretty clear that he does not want them on our soil. In fact, he plans on constructing walls at all of our borders so that immigrants can’t come in. While this may not sound like a terrible idea in theory, it will be tearing about families. It would also turn Trump into a dictator, all which is not beneficial for our country.

In particular, Soros is swaying his efforts more heavily in states like Nevada, Colorado and Florida. That’s because those states have a huge Asian and Latino population. These are the individuals that will be most effected by Trump’s win. One would probably assume that Soros would target Latino and immigrant voters that don’t have a clear favorite candidate. And while that’s definitely true, Soros is also using his money to reach out to the Latinos and immigrants that are Democratic voters. He wants to make sure that when they individuals head out to the polls this November, there is no question in mind who they’re going to vote for.

Over the past couple of months, Trump has really offended most of the country. However, most of his negative comments have been directed right at Latinos and immigrants. This is why Soros feels so strongly about shaking up this year’s voting. It should be very interesting to see if these efforts actually make a difference in the election or if Trump will end up winning anyways. What will happen if Trump wins? Will Soros take any further action to stop Trump from being a dictator? We may not have answers to these challenging questions yet, but we definitely will once November rolls around.

Changing Lives With Amazing Coffee Products

Bernardo Chua and Organo Gold
Bernardo Chua is the founder of Organo Gold. He founded this company in the year 2008. He is also the CEO. He had a clear vision. His mission has been to offer and sell a broad range of healthy bioactive coffee items that contain Ganoderma lucidum. Bernardo opted to sell these products through an established multi-level marketing network. This would be on a wholesale basis. The coffee really makes you feel healthier and it tastes wonderful. The excitement will continue to brew.

Excitement in the Coffee and Health Industry
Most people enjoy a delicious cup of coffee on a daily basis. There is excitement within the coffee and health industry that has been brewing recently. This excitement is about Oragano Gold and their introduction of coffee and tea products. These products contain a Chinese herb that is 4,200 years old. This has been called ‘The King of Herbs.’ The name of this Chinese herb is Ganoderma Lucidum. These are brews with absolutely tantalizing flavors and aromas. These products offer numerous amazing health benefits along with extraordinary flavors.

Clinical Nutritionists and the Health Benefits
A leading Clinical nutritionist named Dr. Bob Rakowski has made the claim that these beverages from Oragano Gold offer the Following health benefits:
* the facilitating of detoxification
* the increase in oxygen delivery
* the enhancement of immune function
* the ability to control inflammation
The Chinese herb really seems to offer many solid health benefits through these coffee and tea products. It seems as if anybody can enjoy these fine health benefits.

Learning More About Bernardo Chua
Bernardo Chua is an interesting individual. He is from the Philippines and he also has a Chinese heritage. He learned of the ganoderma at a young age. Mr. Chua is one of the first people to actually market the herb, and that has won Bernardo countless awards. He was able to be quite successful with this marketing endeavor of the coffee and tea products. While he was setting up his business model, he was able to see the numerous benefits that direct sales offered. This had provided a method to rapidly grow his business in the Philippines. This method enabled him to take the company around the globe and provide the Chinese herb to people all around the world. He is a man who believes that direct sales is a great way to do business. This is also a good way to provide the consumer with fantastic products the will create good health.  Follow Bernardo’s Facebook to see updates on the brand and the man.

Don’t be a Drumpf

One would imagine that when running for president of the United States a person would have enough staff to prevent a hacked wiki page. Turns out not, as Donald J. Trump now has an unauthorized Wikipedia page called Donald J. Drumpf. Television’s John Oliver went on a rant about the vote seeking candidate and moments later a page existed. 

Wikipedia is consulted often because of it’s up to the minute information. The free online encyclopedia is a based on users posting updates in good faith. It is easy to access, often consulted by a person looking for up to date information on the go using a mobile device to access the webpage. Clients will use Wikipedia to find phone numbers and background information on places of business. The Donald J. Drumpf Wikipedia page includes pictures of his grandfather and a biography. So much information often accessible to cut and paste, that it is very easy for a hacker to damage someone’s image in just a few minutes. And once something exists online, it is hard to remove. Challenging for famous people, and challenging for a regular person too.

There is a better way to create a Wiki page and maintain an up to date Wikipedia page. If you or your business is on Wikipedia, or if you are just considering it, look into using a Wikipedia editing service like Get Your Wiki. Hiring Wiki experts who are knowledgeable and professional to present your image to the online world through Wikipedia business page creation is invaluable. It can be stressful to write about yourself or your own business. Get a person that is gifted at the written word to use their expertise to represent you. The Wikipedia writers for hire from Get Your Wiki will update a Wiki page that is already in existence so that when clients consult it, the page they read is positive and truthful. This allows you to focus on being your best self, or running your business profitably.

Securus Provides Inmates With New Devices

Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies was recently quoted, by PR Newswire, saying that he expected that the number of dispatched devices, that they had made for correctional facilities, to nearly double from the eighty-four thousand, that they had already sent out, to one hundred and fifty thousand by the end of 2016. The article made it clear that Smith believes he has a responsibility to inmates, personnel in correctional facilities and the community as a whole to make jail and prison a safer place, improve on the lives on both the inmates and their family and friends, and to make a significant decrease in recidivism. 

According to the article, the meaning of incarceration has dramatically shifted. Instead of meaning punishment, it now means rehabilitations and a time to prepare to go back out into the world. Securus’ goal is to make this a smooth process and that is why they invested 600 million dollars into developing and producing devices that could better enable inmates to recover and prepare themselves for the rest of their lives. This includes education, quality communication with loved ones and the ability to state their grievances with the system. It also means they should have access to a law library in order for them to be able to defend themselves. 

Securus Technologies is a creator of cutting edge technologies that assist individuals in the criminal justice system, both personnel and inmates. Securus provides phone services, video services and email services (see BBB reviews here). Under their inmate phone calls services, Securus provides pre-paid accounts, billed accounts, billed through the caller’s telephone company, pre-paid accounts for inmates and a voicemail ability when calling inmates. The video services provides video visitation so that an inmate’s loved ones do not have to travel to see them. Secure instant mail is the email service that Securus provides. This allows inmates to hear about something as soon as it happens by receiving an email from them directly. 

Securus also provides a number of other products for monitoring, corrections services, investigating and public safety. The public safety solutions include an emergency response system and 2 devices that are used for incident management. Under investigative solutions, there are devices that assist with both investigations and with biometric analysis. Within the corrections solutions are solutions for inmate communication, information management, inmate self-service and managed access. There are also 3 different monitoring solutions for personnel use.

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Business for Beginners

There are a lot of different things you should know before you start a business and why soem of the best ones are something you should be looking at. They have a lot you can learn without going through it yourself.

Starting Out

Solo Capital was created by Sanjay Shah and he put a lot into the business in order for it to become what it is now. He worked hard in the beginning and worked more than most people work in a day. He put in the time in the beginning in order to get Solo Capital off the ground and that is a huge reason why it is doing as well as it is now. As a business owner, you have ot be prepared to work long hours in the beginning and not worry about making a lot of money. This way you can concentrate on the business and will make it work in the best way possible.

Kepping it Going

Another place that will probably not be easy is when you have started, you are going well and then the passion and the newness wears off. This may make you not as excited about doing the business like you were when you started out. It’s important to keep it going even when you aren’t sure you like it at the moment. The key to this is to know you love what you are doing. This way when times get hard and your motivation isn’t as strong, you will still keep going with it. Sanjay Shah is one person on facebook that never gave up. He kept going through all the hard times he had in front of him. This is why the business he created keeps going through everything and continues to help people.

There are a lot of ways to get a business going, but if you are not prepared to make the business work through everything you may face, then you shouldn’t even be running the business. There are a lot of people that want to run a business but you will need to be a certain kind of person with a lot of passion for what you want to do and a great work ethic.

All Optimistic Scenarios For Reinvigorating The EU Seem Unlikely According To George Soros

There are several important events taking shape in the world. China’s inability to turn its weak economy around as planned has been making headlines since August 2013. George Soros, the hedge fund manager and open society advocate, believes China will not be able to grow as fast as planned in 2016. In fact, he is betting billions that China’s currency will depreciate against the dollar this year and for the next three years, and that will have an impact on China’s internal economy. But when Soros sat down with a German magazine recently, he was focused on another world event that could impact the global economy almost as much as the Chinese economic slowdown.

The interview was reposted on New York Review of Books, and the main topic was the European Union. The EU has also been in the headlines for most of last year. The euro crisis isn’t getting any better, and the threat of several member countries going bankrupt is still making headlines in the media. George Soros thinks the EU is in for trouble and most members agree with him. The truth is, several countries would like to disconnect from the EU. The Union has become a very unpopular part of the European way of life.

What to do with the political unrest that hinders the EU from making any kind of economic progress is a question that continues to produce different scenarios in the press. Soros believes the EU can be reinvigorated, but leadership or the lack of it is standing in the way. Hungary would like to take control of the EU, but that country is not in a position to lead. But Hungary can be disruptive, and the leaders are doing a very good job at that.

Mr. Soros told the Bloomberg interviewer that Germany should take the lead, but the Chancellor of Germany has been under attack by Germans for her refugee plan. Terrorism has reached the cities of Germany. Many Germans blame Chancellor Angela Merkel for helping the terrorists get into the country. Merkel will have to regain the support of her countrymen before she can deal with the migration crisis in Europe.

George Soros is not afraid to deal with the Middle East exodus, but according to him, the EU is turning a blind eye to his suggestions. That’s not unusual for the leaders of the EU. The leaders rarely take advice from anyone, and that includes their own members. But as the EU leaders continue to chase their tails, a steady stream of asylum-seekers continue to knock on the doors of the European Union. The answer to those knocks has been to either close borders or to initiate a screening process. Soros thinks those answers aren’t answers they are reactions.

QNet Commits to Working with More Women Entrepreneurs

QNet has done a solid job in India. The direct selling company has made quite a number of interesting business moves in the country. Among those moves is to expand its direct selling entrepreneur base by seeking to work with more women. Actually, QNet is interested in grooming a number of women entrepreneurs all across the globe. Considering the size and scope of QNet, there is no reason why the company would be unable to do this.

QNet has made a strong commitment to working with more women, and this is evident based on a public commitment made during International Women’s Day. The company has stated it wishes to groom women entrepreneurs so they may earn significant incomes through the commissions from sales.

The number of women in the direct selling industry is already very high. Per the Direct Selling Association, 74.4% of direct sellers are women. Signing someone up to a direct selling opportunity is one thing. Effectively training and grooming a professional for success is another. QNet wants to make sure those affiliated with the company are successful. 

Join us in wishing #QNET Diamond Star AVP Dev Wadhwani A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! #QNETAchievers

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QNet’s scope is global. The company is based in Hong Kong, and offices are open in 25 countries. Affiliate sellers are found in about 100 countries. Again, this is a company with an impressive global presence. India is emerging as the country QNet really wants to establish as its top market.

Qnet is in the process of moving all of its manufacturing to India. This is a big deal, so to speak. India could prove to be a much less costly location in which to produce various products in the QNet line.

Additionally, QNet has a marketing strategy to expand its direct seller network in the country. Of course, hiring and training numerous new women entrepreneurs to work with the company.

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