Don’t be a Drumpf

One would imagine that when running for president of the United States a person would have enough staff to prevent a hacked wiki page. Turns out not, as Donald J. Trump now has an unauthorized Wikipedia page called Donald J. Drumpf. Television’s John Oliver went on a rant about the vote seeking candidate and moments later a page existed. 

Wikipedia is consulted often because of it’s up to the minute information. The free online encyclopedia is a based on users posting updates in good faith. It is easy to access, often consulted by a person looking for up to date information on the go using a mobile device to access the webpage. Clients will use Wikipedia to find phone numbers and background information on places of business. The Donald J. Drumpf Wikipedia page includes pictures of his grandfather and a biography. So much information often accessible to cut and paste, that it is very easy for a hacker to damage someone’s image in just a few minutes. And once something exists online, it is hard to remove. Challenging for famous people, and challenging for a regular person too.

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