Securus Technologies: Keeping Customers First

Informational reports regarding the nefarious activities of Global Tel Link (GTL) will be made public over the course of the next six months due to the diligent oversight of communication technology giant Securus.

Richard A. Smith, Securus Technologies Chief Executive Officer, has voiced strong opposition to GTL’s lack of integrity within the technology communications field. Smith has often reiterated the fact that consumers are at the very heart of Securus Technologies services, which should be true of all who serve in the industry.


According to facts culled from the pages of a formal 17 page Order, No. U-20784 by the Louisiana Public Services Commission, Global Tel Link added between 15 and 35 seconds to calls, set their phone calls to charge more than the industry agreed upon standard and directly and intentionally engaged in unethical practices.

GTL reportedly included add-on programs to calls and charged for single calls more than once.

As Securus continues to provide technology communications services to thousands in civil and criminal justice, emergency response, biometrics, inmate self-service, monitoring products, monitoring services, public information, information management, corrections and law enforcement agencies in the U.S. from coast to coast, they are ever vigilant within the technology communications industry. Securus has dared to hold itself and the other technology communications service providers accountable to the consumers they serve and ask nothing of others that is not expected in-house. The infractions and unethical practices plowing over consumers since at least 1998, makes GTL a negative part of a very integral technology communications whole. Fortunately, Securus continues to press for consumers to be given the service and treatment they deserve to make the world we live in the best it can be; it’s what Securus strives for and what others in the industry would be wise to emulate – including GTL.

Fabletics- affordable active wear for all

Fabletics is one of the few brands available on the market that have made active wear affordable to the general public yet still remain extremely cute. The brand was launched in October 2013 and has been blazing a trail across the globe with its innovative thinking and excellent customer service. Women across the globe can now dress just like their favorite stars and Kate Hudson is a role model for many both young and old.

Marie Claire Magazine interviewed Kate Hudson on her Fabletics brand as well as up and coming lines that will be added to the collection. Kate Hudson is a role model to many women across the globe and makes for the ultimate bran ambassador. Her 2 other cofounders, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, both share her passion for the brand and were the master minds behind the product launch. Active wear was rising fast in popularity among the stars yet there were no affordable brands out there that catered to the average individual. Quality activewear was expensive and did not always cater to both men and women in a single brand. Fabletics takes the active wear collection to both genders allowing access to great active clothing at the most affordable pricing.



One of the new lines of Fabletics that are launching in April is the performance swim wear. This is an industry first and allows the wearer to be fully active while wearing the swim wear without having to risk the swim wear moving. It is tightly fitted to the body and provides exceptional support for the wearer. Although the swim wear was created with protection in mind it does not shy away from sexiness as well as femininity. This is very rare to find as most often swim wear that is made with protection in mind does not take fashion and sexiness into consideration.

Kate Hudson often gets asked by people if the brand could go high fashion but she reveals that this would defeat the purpose of the brand. Fabletics is made for the average consumer and high fashion would require more money on manufacture which would raise the price of the clothing significantly. There is no need to go high fashion as the purpose of the brand is to inspire women and men around the world to be fit and healthy and allow them to go out and be as active as possible without having to worry about the clothing on their bodies. The Fabletics brand is a direct to consumer brand and therefore can offer the same quality as more expensive brands and yet still remain lower in price and extremely affordable. A lot more is to come for the brand in the future.

The Company of MaKari De Suisse

The mission of Makari is to provide a variety of beauty products that are unique and have been produced specifically to provide for the needs of men and women of color. For decades, both women and men that have darker skin have seemed to be neglected by the beauty industry, and Makari has made it their goal to change this. They have done this by providing luxurious lines of haircare, skincare, and cosmetics and many other products that are designed in meeting the unique skincare needs for their demographic. Makari strives to address all of the main beauty concerns from their customers by creating a skin whitening cream. All of the products are made with natural ingredients which include Carrot Oil, Argan Oil, and Caviar in providing added nourishment and hydration. The skincare line from Makari has been formulated in order to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, dark spots and acne marks that can be such a barrier when it comes to achieving a skin tone that is perfect.

Makari products where first manufactured in Switzerland, a country has respect for high quality, and while it has undergone technical scrutiny and intense scientific, this has resulted in a formula that has combined natural plat extracts and luxurious caviar extracts. Makari is now available in local beauty stores around the world, as well as some private locations within New York City, Brussels and Paris, the original line from Makari features the original seven products to the 60 different products, that are mainly a baby line, a skin care line and a make-up line. Also included is a line of 10 different body lotions, each with different scents. Unlike many skin products that are made for individuals with darker skin, Makari does not use Hydroquinone in any of their products. It has been tested that Hydroquinone can lead to several harmful side effects. Makari has made it their focus to take a natural approach when it comes to their approach for skincare, that is gentle but yea effective products, that will leave the customers skin nourished and will provide a natural glow. By going the Makari’s website, customers can explore all of the
various lines of products, that can help with getting them to achieve a look that they have always dreamed of.

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