Investing in Companies


There are many people today who invest in companies across a number of industries. The best reason for this is to build capital through appreciation and growth. Arthur Becker is a great example of someone who has had a lot of success doing this. Over the years, he has invested in real estate and a variety of other industries. However, the thing that sets him apart more than anything else is his willingness to give back to others, reveals He has always done a great job of investing into his employees and local community.

Arthur Becker

Learning from the best in the industry is always a good idea. No matter what endeavor he has taken on, Arthur Becker has had success. He is the type of person who is always willing to do what it takes to succeed. That is why so many people are excited about the new initiatives that he has planned for the coming years. According to the NY Mag, there are many people who want to invest with him in new projects that he is working on. From the time he was young, he has always been the type of person to work with others on a common goal.


With all of his success in real estate investing, Arthur Becker is now turning his attention towards helping others with their finances. Many people today are excited about the new ways that he can help others with his financial projects. There are a lot of ways that he has helped others during his career, and this is just one more example. The constant drive for learning more is something that has always motivated Arthur Becker to become better at what he does. Over time, he has proven that he truly cares about others and wants to see them do well.


Construcap Invests In Its Employees

Construcap was founded in 1944 by two engineers, Caio Luiz Pereira de Souza and Henrique Pegado. The company has grown continuously over the years and is now one of the ten largest construction companies in Brazil. Construcap specializes in infrastructure, energy, and buildings in both the private and public spaces. In order to meet the needs of the company and their clients on, Construcap is constantly updating the skills and knowledge of their employees.

There are several engineering technologies which are needed in the construction industry, especially for Construcap as they engage in mammoth public works projects. As these skills and technologies are constantly evolving Construcap employee’s also need to learn about and adapt their specialized skills to these new technologies.

The Supply Manager of the company, Maria Stella Ramalho da Riva, has remarked that keeping staff up to date on new technologies keeps the company running with leaner budgets and a more efficient operation. The continuous training that employees go through ensures that Construcap can offer its clients modern, creative, and appropriate solutions to fit their customized needs.

As another way of providing new and updated knowledge about new technology on the company also presents lectures to their employees by noted experts in their fields. One such lecture was by Keller Geotechnical Engineering and informed the attendees on solutions when dealing with the issues of soft soil, landfill stability, and density of compressible layers in the earth. Construcap’s efforts to train their employees on has been internationally recognized, as the company was awarded the ENR Global Awards for new plant a they had built for Fiat.

As part of the company’s mission for social responsibility to the communities they operate in, Construcap also seeks out and provides training to local residents in order to train in such occupations as masons and painters. Recognizing that these jobs are traditionally filled by men, Construcap makes a concentrated effort to also bring women into their training programs at The company also provides these newly trained people with equipment they will need such as helmets and work uniforms, so that they will have what they need to enter the construction field.

An American Dream

Everyone always talks about living the American Dream, whether it’s a rag-to-riches story or starting your own business and making it big. The point of the dream is there is no end unless you call it quits. A great example of that dream is tech giant John Goullet who started his own staffing tech firm and has turned it into a successful endeavor.

John started Info Technologies in 1994 because of his broad background in IT. The launching point for his new venture was to target Fortune 500 companies and provide IT staffing solutions. The success that John’s company enjoyed grew quickly and became a prominent start-up for John. Info Technologies became a household name for those looking to hire IT staff. Because there was such a shortage of skilled IT professionals, John saw the need to help companies find and hire graduates with IT backgrounds.

In 2010 John had the chance to take Info Technologies to new heights when a merger opportunity came up. He merged Info Technologies with Diversant Inc, and the two companies became Diversant LLC. Since the merger in 2010 John has served as chairman of the board and is the Principal of Diversant LLC.

As an entrepreneur and with his IT background, John has been able to help Diversant continue to grow and expand the success of the business. Diversant has continued to grow since the merger in 2010 even through the great recession, while other companies failed. The drive that John sets forth as the leader of the company is part of the reason Diversant has enjoyed so much success.

For someone who has achieved the American Dream, what does the future look like for John and Diversant LLC? John will continue to look for innovative opportunities. Looking at the economy and how things are shaping is what will drive the direction of the company and the continued entrepreneurial aspirations of John Goullet.


If You Want To Be A Winner In 2017, Change Your Online Reputation Management Philosophy Now!

Online reputation management isn’t just for businesses and celebrities. It’s apparent everyone needs it nowadays. What search results reveal about someone or a particular brand matter. It’s a determining factor that’s been injected into almost every relationship forged today, be it landing a ‘dream’ job, customer relations or common friendships. HR specialists and headhunters across the U.S. put emphasis on evaluating applicants’ online reputation. Forbes recommends the following five creative strategies to nail an award-worthy digital presence in 2017.

Nobody should lose friends, a potential job or business over poorly presented gossip online. Few people care about managing online presence until something goes wrong. Early intervention prevents unpleasant surprises and the inevitable. So, routinely monitoring digital presence using, assessing and remedying damages early makes a world of difference. This step doesn’t require any expertise using Google, Yahoo! and Bing search engines. What’s wrong? The lesson learned can be as trivial as a name conflict, nonsense comments or critical issues like defamation images, controversial slandering. The quickest remedy is hiring professional help as a mature expertise on digital reputation can deliver effective results with an immediate turnaround.

Circulating clean, professional information about oneself is key. With personal domains and relevant content feeding information to search engines, it’s almost effortless to control what the world reads. A professional bio page linking to social media connections and another official space is a valuable resource. It’ll help harness supportive feedback and create an avenue to forge new relationships or friendships. Irrespective of what the internet says about someone, it’s imperative that he or she doesn’t lose sight of what matters – goals, audience, purpose, etc. In the vast cyber world where everyone is in it for a fair exchange of offer for gain, understanding how to position oneself is crucial.

With this intelligence, creating relevant content and growing social media presence will become second nature. Largely, it’s a sound strategy to inspire and entertain the right audience. Of course, this requires consistency and a well-organized calendar to generate a favorable outcome. In 2017, managing digital reputation couldn’t be easier. Fake, unfounded news go viral in a wink these days with social media intervention. For this reason, everyone should exercise extreme measures to monitor online reputation by exploring the steps above.


Nathaniel Ru Is Leading Sweetgreen To Huge Success

The casual dining restaurant Sweetgreen has enjoyed a great deal of success since they opened their first location. They are committed to offering their customers local farm fresh produce to create their salad masterpieces. They also have a unique business model that is one of the reasons that they have gained so much attention from not only their target market but from investors and critics alike. They have made a point to open their new locations in areas that other chain restaurants have overlooked that are in need of fresh and healthy food options. They position themselves in areas where there is a high concentration of offices and foot traffic that is not yet saturated with other competitors. They also pay a great deal of attention to the layout and presentation of the food. They have a see-through kitchen where you can see the food being prepared. The interior of the restaurant is clean and inviting. The prices for their salads are very competitive too. They offer a large, well-made salad for around ten dollars which are cheaper than most fast food options. This business model has attracted people to this company and made it one of the fastest growing food chains in the country at the moment.


Nathaniel Ru is one of the co-founders of Sweetgreen. He met his partner Jonathan Neman at Georgetown University where they were both attending undergraduate classes. They immediately became friends and began tossing around ideas for a healthy and affordable restaurant.They approached a landlord with a well thought out business plan and convinced him to allow them to open their first location.


Nathaniel Ru was able to obtain $375,000 in startup capital from loans from family and friends. His endeavor paid off and before he knew it they were opening locations all over the country.He has collaborated with many chefs to create hit salads that people can’t get enough of. The company has been so successful that they have been able to raise $95 million in capital from major investors all over the country. Nathaniel Ru has watched his company grow from a single location to a major restaurant chain in just a few short years because of his keen insight and business experience.


Swiss Entrepreneur and Investor Mike Baur

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur who is the co founder of an innovative company known as Swiss Start up Factory. The company specializes in helping entrepreneurs get the capital and guidance they need in order to make their businesses successful. As well as being an entrepreneur, Mike has also spent a number of years investing in a number of startup businesses. With this experience, Mike was able to attain profits that convinced him that these entities offer a lot of potential. As a result, Mike used this experience to form the idea of his own company. Before Mike got involved with investing and entrepreneurship, he would work as a banking professional where he helped companies acquire the capital they needed to grow and expand.


Baur began his career in the banking industry where he would serve as a business specialist. With this position, Baur would often work with entrepreneurs who were looking to get the capital necessary to start their businesses as well as grow them. He would frequently give them advice on what they need to do in order to get the most out of their financial resources. Along with providing advice, Mike would evaluate a new startup business and figure out their potential in terms of profitability and ability to meet the needs of a particular demand. Whenever a business had potential to succeed, Mike would issue them loans to finance their operations.


After working as a banking professional for twenty years, Mike decided to move on to other ventures. His next venture would be investing in startup companies. During a span of several years, Mike would spend lots of money on new companies with the hope of making high profits. His startup investing venture was a success as he would often get profitable returns on the money he invested. As a result, Mike realized that startup businesses were among the best things to invest in due to their innovation and potential for lucrative earnings. His experience as an investors prompted Mike to get into entrepreneurship.


His next business venture would be as an entrepreneur where he co founded Swiss Start up Factory. This company has one of the more unique business models around. It provides a combination of consulting and financing for entrepreneurs. The way this business works is it holds a meeting where entrepreneurs can talk about their business idea to Mike. He will then evaluate the business idea and agree to provide them with assistance. Once approved, Mike and his company will then help entrepreneurs with financing as well as coaching and mentoring in order to help them succeed.