The Successful Incumbency of Lori Senecal

December 2017 will mark the end of two years of a successful tenure for Lori Senecal. From 2015, she took in the role of a global chief executive officer of CP+B Global. Not only has she accomplished personal growth, but she has also helped to scale the excellence of CP + B. She has served to shape it to become a global agency with a complete flexibility of a typical startup. One thing that stood out for the corporation under her able leadership is the October 2015 win on the American Airlines accounts. Under her watch, her company superseded over the TM Advertising which had worked with American Airline for 25 years.

Chuck Porter, the founder of the company, refers to Lori as a friend who is entirely responsible for making the agency better and more efficient. Lori has helped to lay down the structure and is currently working together with Porter in developing the next phase of leadership. In line with putting into place a new generation, Danielle Aldrich has been made the president of CP+B, from the previous position of a managing director. The organization has 10 offices each headed by an experienced entrepreneur who has the growth of the company at heart. Senecal revealed that by elevating the regional leaders, resources can be shared and that it increases the possibility of bringing in new talent.

As a global CEO, Lori has been overseeing the growth of the company in all the regions of the world. The culture of CP+ B has changed for the better. The standards of the global agency have raised significantly in the international market. Lori focus on talent has resulted in development across various disciplines. It made CP+B to be recognized by the Advertising Age as one of the creativity innovators of the year. Consequently, Lori Senecal was one of the four people acknowledged as the agency executives to watch in the year 2016.

Lori Senecal is a holder of a bachelor of commerce majoring in marketing and finance, which she earned from the McGill University. She is based in New York. She believes that her success has been as a result of fixing her eyes on the goal.

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