Clayton Hutson: The Secret to Success

Clayton Hutson believes that his previous jobs helped him in developing a wide variety of marketable skills. The last recession had a huge impact with his employer, and he determined that that meant it was the right time to start with something new. Of course, this decision was a bit risky, but his talents had given him the confidence that he needed in order to start up a business that would become successful.


Sometimes Hutson will create a new audio, illumination ideas or even a set design. All of his work experience at concerts have helped him differentiate between the realistic ideas and the pipe dreams. A design that is computer aided will play an important role within this process. He makes sure to put a lot of focus on the dimensions; he finds that even the most creative equipment will become useless if it is too wide for the entrances at the performance venue.


Clayton Hutson works hard, pays attention to the details, and won’t shy away from any long hour work days. This all helps to enhance his reputation with other performers who put a lot of stock into dedication and professionalism. Also, this all helps in encouraging them to recommend him when someone is looking for the types of services that he offers.


Clayton will constantly check his work to find any mistakes that have been made, in order to prepare for a show. He knows that one error can be serious enough to compromise everything. He makes use of thorough planning, productivity, and efficiency with all of his work.


About Clayton Hutson


Clayton Hutson owns his own business that helps others by providing them with services meant for event organizers and musicians. Prior to him having began his career, he had enrolled in university courses within theater design. He then was able to find employment through companies that were within the live music industry and he successfully became a project manager.


After having perfected all of his skills, he had made the decision to create a firm that would manage, design, and produce concerts. A lot of his work truly does revolve around rock music. He has certainly finished a lot of technical and managerial tasks for some well-known performers (performers such as Pink, Kid Rock, and Guns N’ Roses). During the 2005 year he was in a tour, Bleed Like Me. He certainly is someone who has done a lot with his career, and it is easy to see why so many musicians aspire to be like him. Learn more: