Anthony Petrello The Passionate Philanthropist

Tony Petrello serves the C.E.O of Nabors Industries limited as from October 2011. He studied at Yale University and finally Harvard University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics in 1976. He is known to have a passion for philanthropic activities.

At one point, he has been ranked as the most paid C.E. O in America. This outlines how his fruits of hard work, setting a good example and admiration for many. This makes him among one of the most recognized people in the United States. Although his life has not been easy, together with his wife Cynthia, they have always been ready and concerned with helping others in tremendous and overwhelming ways through donations and outreach.

From his experience as a child from a disadvantaged background, Anthony Petrello understands all the hurdles that come along with lacking. He struggled so much with the harsh conditions, but finally received a scholarship that saw him through his college studies. His giving back to society is seen by setting up Yale scholarship that enables the bright students from needy homes to get through their education and eventually succeed in life. His personal story is a motivating one to the young people who look forward to becoming useful to society in future.


Tony Petrello was delighted to meet up with Broadway celebrity known as Tommy Tune at his house. This happened during Tommy Tune homecoming to Houston. This was an awesome comeback to Tommy as it was exquisite and lovely. The event also recorded a lot of people who attended to welcome back Tommy Tune. It was a pleasant chance for him to interact and have fun with his fans. They even enjoyed the local food and even performed to his thrilled followers.

CEO Tony Petrello’s undertakings in philanthropy have demonstrated his compassion to many including his company’s employees during and after the Hurricane Harvey. Through the Nabors Industry, he constituted for them to be paid off for them to be able to help the victims’ families. They developed a fund drive plan which they used to offer help to the affected families. The industry also set up a food kitchen at the site to allow them to have at least three meals a day. He has also played a part in the treatment of children with neurological disorders by offering donations to the organizations that deal with such conditions. This must have been motivated by their daughter Carena who has PVL condition that resulted in Cerebral Palsy.