Ara Chakerian Assisting Forest Management Thru Sustainability

The forest has been described by ancient cultures in a diversity of terms because the wood is a place that provides an abundance of types of advantages for lifestyle. Then there are persons like Ara Chakerian, who have seen within the Forest a complex of diverse terrains for physical recreation, aesthetic beauty and inspiration as well as recreational physical activities as varied as camping or archery.


Nature enthusiasts enjoy preserving wilderness areas and its abundant beauty and different complexity of wildlife and natural wonder, and that is one reason Ara Chackerian has been able to provide several tools that support the growing work of natural habitat preservation by Nature Conservationists and Enthusiasts. One of the tools highly used in Forest Management is forest rotation, which keeps the forests diverse while supporting wildlife in a balance with their environment.


It is essential to find ways and means to preserve the Forest and its complexity for the future use of the next generation and sustainability. Keen stewards like Ara Chackerian is making it possible to build a strong foundation of sustainable forest land for next-generation users. Forest professionals are always aware when professionals make a serious effort or provide significant aid to enhancing forestation, and open pathways lessen the danger to forest growth like wildfires, killing or harming endangered species, and drought.


Ara Chakerian


Three words sum the overall work of Ara Chakerian: Entrepreneur, philanthropist and angel investor. Besides carrying out his role as Managing Director of ASC Holding, LLC, Ara Chakerian spends much of his time in locating and investing healthcare institutions at the forefront of the US healthcare system, which Ara Chakerian has done for twenty years.


Mr. Chakerian is the CEO of BMC Diagnostics and Executive Chairman of Pipeline Rx. Lastly, Ara performs the role of Executive Vice President for PSS/World Medical, providing distribution for the international medical market. Check out Medium to know more.


Ara Chakerian and his wife have a diversity of philanthropic works including working with developing youth and education here in the United States, Nicaragua and Armenia.



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