Randal Nardone and The Elements That Form His Success in Fortress Investment Group

The world of investment is full of uncertainty, replete with unforeseen challenges and is not for the faint-hearted. Furthermore, the payoff in investment could be really big, but only if you do it right. The potential losses you get could be astoundingly ominous, and so you have to be careful with where you put your trust and what asset managers you hire. Fortunately, there are people like Randal Nardone, CEO, and Co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, that can make things happen and deliver the investment promises that they offer in their firms.

The Net Worth

It should be noted that in 2007, Randal Nardone had been ranked No. 557 in the Forbes’ Billionaire’s list, and that rank is what’s keeping him one of the most successful billionaires that have stepped on the world of investment. There are many reasons why he was able to pull off such success. For instance, the educational background he has at the University of Connecticut could have been formative in how he was able to pull off his success later on. Without his stint at Thacher Proffitt and Wood, he might not have been able to deliver the needed service required of him to be on the Forbes List. It also helps to know that Randal Nardone is based in New York, which is an important factor in getting the most business-conducive ideas for one’s company and for making sure that the business he implements are already applied to practice, and not just on academics and theory.

The Roles He Plays

Randal Nardone plays at least two major parts in the growth of Fortress Investment. The first one is through his work as the company’s co-founder, and the second one, being its CEO. For this reason, he is responsible for the entire general operations of the company, including making the right connections to establish Fortress Investment to where it should be in the years to come.On the one hand, this makes Randal one of the most passionate and impressive leaders because you can’t do this kind of job well if you don’t want to clock in as many hours as needed to reach your goal.Being part of 4 board of directors also allows him to play advisory roles, where he can practice his ideas on areas of business that are not directly related to his. Two of these boards include Brookdale Senior Living and Springleaf Holdings.

New Acquisitions Will Propel OSI Group To be Global Leader Under Sheldon Lavin

Osi Group has grown from a small butcher shop to a worldwide recognized meat processor since its foundation over more than 100 years. Otto was the founder of the firm in Chicago. The company has grown since then and now has over 65 locations in different regions of the world. The company has grown tremendously and Sheldon Lavin hopes the new Acquisitions will help the company dominate meat market sphere. Lavin hopes the company will grow further not only through the acquisitions but also by investing in innovations such as on food security measures, sustainability as well as better food safety.

Acquisitions and other Ventures by OSI

In 2014, OSI Group under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin entered a venture with Pickstock from the UK. The venture gave an opportunity to OSI to penetrate into the European market especially on supply a distribution of beef. On the other hand, the joint venture gave Pickstock an opportunity for growth. Osi also entered another venture with Select Ready Foods from Canada. Select Ready deals with beef, pork, and chicken production. Another joint venture was with EDEKA in Germany. EDEKA is a popular supermarket in Germany. The two deals enabled expansion of market base for meat products from OSI in both countries.

In 2016, OSI acquired Tyson plant for about $7.4 million. The plant in Chicago is convenient for Osi and has over 200,000 square feet which offer abundant storage as well as allow growth for further meat production. Still, in 2016, the group acquired a majority shareholding in Baho Food. Baho is a Dutch company which produces and supplies meat products in the Netherlands as well as Germany. OSI hopes the deal will expand continental reach in Europe. Also in 2016, the group acquired Flagship Europe, which distributes a variety of frozen meat products throughout Europe as well in the U.K. OSI Group also acquired Hynek Schlachthof GmbH, which is a slaughterhouse in Frankfurt. The firm offers a strategic and accessible location for distribution of meat and other products in Germany and the rest of Europe.

About Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon is the chief executive officer as well as the chairman of OSI Group. Under his visionary leadership, he has propelled expansion of OSI Group. India Vision World Academy recognized his efforts in an expansion of OSI and they presented the Global Visionary Award for the year 2016. In a recent interview, Sheldon Lavin emphasized he hopes the company will become a global leader in the food industry while producing sustainable products.

Sheldon Lavin’s  Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/public/Sheldon-Lavin

Eric Lefkofksy Creates Tempus Labs to Create Data-Driven Cancer Treatment

Brian Harris wrote an article for Release Fact titled, “Eric Lefkofksy’s Tempus Labs Uses Big Data Analytics to Revolutionize Cancer Medicine”. The article discuses Eric Lefkofsky’s recent endeavor, Tempus Labs. The company was created in 2015 with the aim to help cancer patients by creating a library of data from previous cancer patients. The data, along with genome sequencing, provides precision medicine to each individual. Understanding the individual’s tumor at a molecular level along with understanding previous treatments for similar tumors and body chemistry, allows physicians to make real-time decisions backed by data to provide the best options to each individual.

In its short life, Tempus has quickly become a top performer in the health technology field. Dr. Eric Topol has even featured it on his list of advanced medical technology. The company has recently been testing a variety of technologies that promise to revolutionize medicine.

One such technology is the use of gene therapy and gene editing to identify mutations in genes that cause hereditary vision loss or blindness. The FDA approved the technology in late 2017 which led to vivo manipulation in a male with Hunter syndrome. The results are still anticipated.

The company has also developed machine learning technology to identify skin cancers. The algorithm has the same ability as a physician to identify skin lesions. Another technology recently approved by the FDA is the smartwatch diagnosis of atrial fibrillation. It monitors the heartrate of individuals, providing alerts to those with who have outliers.

They also developed a pathogen sequencing technology which would provide accelerated genome sequencing of pathogens to quickly maintain control of outbreaks. This would provide advanced responses for public health in the case of a pathogen outbreak.

Since 2015, the Tempus Labs team has created a mission to use genome sequencing data in a clinical setting. They want every patient to be able to benefit from the previous treatments of people who have experienced the same disease prior. They provide the physicians with actionable insights and tools.

Eric Lefkofksy co-founded Tempus Labs after seeing the harrowing process of cancer treatment when a loved one was diagnosed. He resides in Chicago with his wife working on philanthropic enterprises like the Lefkofsky Family Foundation.

Eric Lefkofksy’s Social Media: www.facebook.com/eplefkofsky/

Robert Deignan leads ATS to the First AppEsteem Certification

Robert Deignan is the co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Inbound Call Experts. ICE is a company that provides solutions to software application clients. Robert Deignan is an experienced e-commerce executive. He is a graduate of Purdue University where he studied a Bachelor of a Science in Business Management. He went to St. Thomas Aquinas for his basic education. He has served in various capacities in different companies including working as the Executive Vice President of iS3 Inc in Boyton Florida. He is also the co-founder of Frankline Inc.

About ATS Digital Services

Inbound Call Experts (ICE) changed its name to ATS Digital Services. It was the first ever call Services Company to be certified by AppEsteem. The certification requires the fulfillment of 39 parameters of compliance. The company offers support services for software applications. ICE is a brainchild of veteran cybersecurity experts and software gurus who had worked for Microsoft Corporation. ATS has been providing support services to clients via a remote access screen-sharing application and via telephone engagement. The company states on its website that they focus on complete compliance to the customers’ needs. When he was interviewed regarding the certifications, Robert Deignan said that after reviewing their work operations, they realized that they met most of AppEsteem’s requirements and therefore they decided to make the request for certification. The certification has sent a positive signal to security companies, software vendors and service regulators that ATS offers state-of-the-art service that has caught the eye of the industry kingpins. The certification also confirms that ATS is a consumer-friendly service organization.

The Certification from AppEsteem

The certification from AppEsteem includes input from regulators in government, security organizations, the software industry, call centers and consumer groups. In addition, AppEsteem also has its own requirements which must be fulfilled before a certification is granted. The conditions laid out by AppEsteem are meant to protect the consumer against malpractices. AppEsteem also seeks to ensure that there is a more reliable software downloading industry. On its part, AppEsteem expressed optimism that their certification will offer vulnerable consumers a haven when it comes to online software services. The AppEsteem President, Mr. Dennis Batchelder pointed out that AppEsteem hopes to weed out fraudulent call centers.


Sahm Adrangi Shorts Proteostasis

If Sahm Adrangi is right, which he tends to be when it comes to predicting failing companies, investors should avoid Proteostasis Therapeutics, Inc. when it comes to traditional investing. Proteostasis is still in its developmental stages and its main medication is for the treatment of cystic fibrosis. Unfortunately, although Proteostasis is touting it as a breakthrough medication for the debilitating disease, Sahm Adrangi believes the drug is ineffective. The medication known as PTI-428 will most likely fail Phase 3 trials according to Sahm Adrangi and his company Kerrisdale Capital Management.

During the Phase 2 studies of the drug, the size of the placebo group was very small and the bad outcomes that came with the natural progression of the disease made the treatment group’s results look much better than they actually were. Sahm Adrangi’s research led him to believe that the company is also omitting negative results of the trial to make it look a lot more useful than it actually is.

Kerrisdale Capital Management’s research has led Sahm Adrangi to arrange a short-selling position for Proteostasis that will lead the company and their investors to make a considerable amount of money if their hypothesis is correct. Adrangi has a long history of calling out companies for pushing bad drugs onto the market in order to gain money from investors. When Proteostasis Therapeutics made the announcement of the new medication that is in development, their stock price almost doubled. This rise is expected to be temporary and will most likely fall dramatically after the results of the Phase 3 trial. While the FDA has granted PTI-428 the Orphan Drug and Breakthrough Therapy designations, Kerrisdale Capital’s experts believe these labels are misplaced.

Sahm Adrangi has predicted the ineffectiveness of several other medications that were in development stages including ones by the companies Sage Therapeutics and Bavarian Nordic. In the earlier stages of his career, he gained attention by exposing fraudulent Chinese based companies that were trading in the United States.


Entrepreneur Shiraz Boghani Wins The 2016 ‘Hotelier Of The Year’ Award

Entrepreneur Shiraz Boghani from his humble beginnings has emerged as an extraordinary entrepreneur, businessman, investor, philanthropist and “Hotelier of the Year”. Winning this prestigious award from the Asian Media and Marketing Group, in 2016, was an illustration of his hard work, courage, determination and, motivation to succeed. His Superior actions have made a positive profound difference in the lives of his family, friends and, others as he became the change that he wanted to see. By providing excellence in the areas of customer service, employee relations, decision making, leadership and in many other areas, he was recognized by his community and prominent leaders as being more than worthy of receiving such an honorable award.

Shiraz Boghani is a man of courage, determination, and motivation. He posses the will to succeed despite any trials and tribulations that have occurred in his life. Mr. Shiraz Boghani began his journey when he left Kenya in 1969 And relocated to the UK. He became an accountant at a small firm known as Thompson McClintock and Company. He eventually became an early Pioneer in the 1990s and participated in the development of limited-service branded hotels that were located in London. It was this opportunity among many, that allowed Shiraz Boghani to excel in various areas of his life.

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As a certified accountant Mr. Shiraz Boghani, possessed a passion for the hospitality industry, focusing on the building and development of hotels. His career in this industry has expanded more than 30 years. He successfully owns and manages 19 hotels located in the United Kingdom. In addition to receiving “Hotelier of the Year Award,” Shiraz Boghani has received many awards that exemplify his level of commitment, compassion for others and dedication. The hotelier has demonstrated his ability to utilize superior negotiation skills when he brokered The Hilton London Bankside Hotel deal that is estimated to be worth approximately 120 million euros. Since the completion of this project, he has gone on to successfully participate in the building of the Holiday Inn London, The Grand Hotel and Spa, and the Conrad London St James. By providing exceptional leadership skills, Shiraz Boghani has made a major and positive impact on the hotel industry. And, contributed to the success of the Hilton Hotel family.

Mr. Shiraz Boghani is a true testament to entrepreneurship and what one can accomplish When they are determined to implement their vision, focus, and determination.

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