Sightsavers is Life Changing

The organization Sightsavers truly change people‚Äôs lives forever. There are several residents in communities such as Zambia that live everyday in pain because they don’t have adequate vision care. Those of us who live in the United States, take for granted things like clean water and antibiotics, but for other countries, this is a luxury. Sightsavers strive to save the vision of all ages with simple medical procedures that include washing eyes with clean water and using tweezers to alleviate painful eyelashes. The Sightsavers doctors have to endure long days of travel just to arrive at their grateful patients door and then administer medical care that only takes moments to provide. This life changing group known as Sightsavers perform miracles for all people both young and old. If people in these remote areas do not receive this medical attention they are unable to attend school or even work. Common ailments could prevent families from earning a living and feeding their children. There are many procedures given by the organization.


Cataract surgery is another service provided by Sightsavers and it totally changes the way a person sees the world. I can’t imagine having to travel for hours or possibly days just to accomplish something that can be done in just a matter of minutes here in the United States. Not only does Sightsavers perform procedures and exams, they also teach their patients good hygiene and ways to possibly prevent further issues. Sightsavers may be saving the sight of many but they also change their patients lives forever.