OSI Industries Celebrates Expansion into Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom

OSI Industries is a company with extraordinary growth over time, and it is all connected thru a steady growth started within the roots of early German immigrants who moved to Chicago, Illinois. We often think of the American Dream as coming from getting rich quick, but the success of OSI Industries has come with slow and steady growth thru some of the most financially difficult times in history.

OSI is a true story of success where Pop starts a meat packing company and hands it over to his two sons who in turn make the right decisions and work with strong strategic partners. The earliest years of his business Otto Kolschowsky started with himself, but later branched out into other parts of Chicago.

Otto’s sons gained the favor and admiration of Roy Kroc, even when Roy Kroc decided to reduce the number of meat packers for the company he chose to keep OSI as one of the 3-4 companies he contracted. Other elements made a difference for OSI success, and that was the introduction of flash freezing into the industrial packaging.

When OSI went global with McDonald’s, they could have slowed down, but they began expansion into other markets alongside the McDonalds success. The further development of OSI Industries to China, Japan, Spain, and Germany in the most recent years has the same drive for its clients as it gave to its earliest clients when Otto and his sons were still living.

OSI seeks to grow where it can and always tries to broaden its opportunities thru the clients it serves. For example, its partnership with MPO Global Trade and Baho Food has allowed OSI Industries to reap the benefits of partners success in integrating its client’s success strategies in the countries in which they operate. Anytime OSI Industries can help its client’s success is a win-win situation.

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