Jeff Herman Wants to Help You Protect Against Sexual Abuse

In today’s society, stranger danger is not just a saying, it is a way of life. Children must not only know that they must watch out for sexual predators, but parents must know sexual abuse signs. Jeff Herman wishes that children could grow up in a world where child sexual abuse never happened. Until that time comes, he has tips for parents to protect child from sex abuse.

Jeff Herman Advises to not to be Afraid to Talk to Children About Protecting Themselves from Child Abuse

Parents are not always around when the initial child abuse occurs. Unfortunately, children are often unaware or too ashamed to tell parents that the abuse has started. One way to empower and protect children is for parents to have an honest discussion about child sex abuse.

Start talking to children at an early age about boundaries and their bodies. They must understand the anatomically correct names for their body parents. They also must know which body parts are boundaries and off limit for others to touch.

Keep the talk age appropriate and let them ask questions. Give child age-appropriate examples that children can understand. Emphasize that trusted individuals such as family members, police coaches and teachers aren’t allowed to touch those them in a sexual way. Never stop talking. The discussion should continue. The sex talk should never be a one-time thing.

Jeff Herman Advises Parents to Guard Against Child Sexual Abuse
Remember, children are no match for a seasoned predator. Parents should look for a change in behavior. Regression to previous behaviors that they’ve outgrown like thumb-sucking or bed-wetting. Showing signs of burst of anger, depression or fear of certain people and/or places.

Jeff Herman has the Background of Fight for Child Support Victims

Jeff Herman is an attorney. He’s spent his career getting victims of child sex abuse financial justice from their predators. Herman has exposed the Archdiocese of Miami’s clergy sexual abuse scandal. Jeff won a 2011 landmark $100 million verdict on behalf a client abused by a priest. In addition, he’s won financial just for many of his clients.

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