Vinod Gupta and his Successful Career

Take as many risks as you can. However, remain conservative about spending your resources. Those are the words of Vinod Gupta, a revered business professional who defied all odds to conquer the world of entrepreneurship.

Background Information

Growing up in New Delhi, India, Vinod first joined the Indian Air Force as a flying officer deployed under the unit of engineering. Shortly after, he left to join the Indian School of Technology. While there, he majored in a degree in technology alongside agricultural engineering. Shortly after school, he obtained another admission to Nebraska University.

Starting out on Work

Gupta first practiced at Commodore Corporation where he served as the marketing analyst. Because the company majorly dealt with the evaluation and assessment of rival companies, he was trusted to handle the entire operations especially the company’s performance. He also offered solutions and oversaw the management of clients. Seeing that he was good in the business, the board of directors tasked him with the responsibility of listing home mobile dealers. Nevertheless, faced by the challenges of the business, he found it necessary to come up with an idea that would not render the collected information invalid.

Career Development and Growth

Being visionary, Gupta ordered more than 4,000 phone directories straight from Yellow Pages. He then compiled a list of contacts through the directories. At that moment, he asked Commodore for the option to purchase a list that would render him exclusive rights to allow him to sell to the company’s major competitors. Luckily, the company took it freely and Vinod received an email with over $22,000 orders every month.

Additional Information

When he left the company, the employees felt empty because a major vacuum was left behind. However, Vinod Gupta aspired to explore different options in career and business. For that reason, he created Business Research Services alongside American Business Lists. The two projects initiated major lists with telephone numbers to be used by marketers especially in mobile home firms. From that moment on, Gupta found it necessary to expand the business by establishing it in other firms including in companies that dealt with tractors and automobiles.

The Outline

Vinod Gupta is the perfect example of a successful business man who began from humble points. He prides himself on being a major employment docket for emerging professionals and underserved populations.

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