Eucatex’s Success With A Highly Skilled President

During the 1950s in Brazil, most companies didn’t think much about the environment. The regulations were few and far between. Most industries likely wanted to keep it that way. However, one company bucked the trend and was ahead of their time. Eucatex got off the ground in the beginning of the 1950s, as a company that strived to be environmentally friendly. More than 50 years later, the company is still paying very close attention to the health of the environment. They also are a highly successful company, and their goods are used throughout the world. Eucatex has a way of using materials that often are seen as unique. This has likely helped them to stand out, and it will likely continue to do so. In fact, the company may continue to grow even further. Their current president, Flavio Maluf, is doing an excellent job of running the company and promoting their goods.

Eucatex makes goods that are used in homes, such as paints. However, some of their goods are used by industries. These goods use a lot of different materials. However, the materials that are used include unusual things, such as eucalyptus. Many people are likely drawn to their products, due to the unusual materials that are used. However, these materials are also very functional. The products made by Eucatex tend to be very durable, long lasting, and effective. Not only are Eucatex’s products popular in Brazil, but they are also popular internationally. Their products are used in countries, such as the United States and in European countries. However, their products are essentially available on a worldwide scale. The environmentally healthy nature of the company has caused them to be seen in a positive light. This is especially the case, since they were environmentally conscious before the soundness of the natural environment was taken seriously.

Flavio Maluf really knows how to do a good job running a business like Eucatex, thanks to those years of experience. He has a great educational background for it. He is a graduate of two different highly respected colleges. First off, he graduated from the Brazilian University, FAAP. This is among Brazil’s best colleges. Secondly, he also has a degree from NYU.  This experience has led to Flavio’s commitment to education in recent times.  Something that he’s been focusing on more and more these days.

Furthermore, he’s an experienced businessman. He has been the president of Eucatex for quite a while, and he has done a good job there. This shows that he is likely to continue to bring good things to the company. He has also done a great job at being the president of his second company, GrandFoods.  Flavio is on social media with Twitter, and he also pens many articles.  A good recent one from Mr. Maluf broke down the Rubbermaid merger, and what it means for Brazil’s future.

Windquest Group Expansion into Liquor Business

Dick DeVos, founder, and president of Windquest Group is in the process of joining liquor business. This is as a result of the ongoing acquisition of Coppercraft Distillery, opened in 2013 by Walter Catton III. According to the Department of Licensing and Regulatory in Michigan, the resident agent is receiving all the documents or mails in place of the entity. Also, on 20th January, the Liquor Control Commission approved the transfer of license. They mainly distil whiskey, gin, rum and vodka although they have also ventured into wine and beer. Walter said that he had been in search of an investor who could help him expand their distribution as well as open a kitchen in their testing room for making an appetizer to go with their cocktails. Coppercraft has a broad range of market from Michigan to Illinois and Colorado. Looking at the leadership experience of Dick DeVos, when acquisition process is finalized the distillery will grow immensely. 

DeVos born in 1955 succeeded his father as the president of Amway, a family owned business, from 1993 to 2002. He was in charge of all operations of the company and saw the company make sales of $4.5 billion before he left to open Windquest. He also broke Amway’s record when under his leadership they tripled international sales making them more than domestic sales. He also served as the company’s vice president and was put in-charge of operations of their branches outside North America. Dick has also been actively engaged in some philanthropic activities outside business roles. He has awarded over 4000 scholarships to students to join West Michigan Aviation Academy and served on the State Board of Education. He also led various Grand Rapids area initiatives aimed at improving Healthcare, downtown area, and conventional center.

Congratulations to all the local residents and businesses who work hard to make West Michigan an incredible place to live, work, and visit!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

He’s an alumnus of Northwood University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and has been honored with doctorates from Central Michigan University, Grove City College, and Northwood University. DeVos is married to Betsy DeVos, and they have seven children. They also run The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, which deals with education, art, justice and nurturing leaders. He also vied for a public seat in 2006 as governor of Michigan State. He is also a helicopter and jet aircraft pilot plus a two-time National Sailor’s champion.

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Ben and Jerry’s Dairy Free Ice Cream

Good news for vegans everywhere. You can now experience one of the most famous luxuries around. Ben and Jerry’s just unveiled its first ever non dairy ice creams! To top it off, you won’t even be limited to the average flavors, you will get to experience the real stuff, the stuff Ben and Jerry’s are famous for!

Starting Wednesday, vegans everywhere will be able to enjoy four flavors that Ben and Jerry’s offers. This dairy free, vegan-friendly ice cream can be found in the favored Chunky Monkey and Chocolate Fudge Brownie. However, after all the years of vegans envying Jon Urbana and other people who could eat Ben and Jerry’s, they introduced two flavors that are exclusive to the dairy free line! These flavors include the most anticipated P. B. and Cookies which is a crunchy peanut butter and coffee caramel fudge swirl. This is an ice cream that can cause any dairy lover to make the vegan switch!

The base of these new Ben and Jerry’s concoction is almond milk. Not only does this open the ice cream up to a large fan base, but it is also healthier for those who are looking to cut back on dairy, and the almond milk also gives it a unique flavor that more and more people are choosing of traditional dairy.

Look no further than these four new options for those of you who have always dreamed of trying the world famous Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavors!

Men’s Health: Pizza Can Be Healthy


Men’s Health is promoting a new pizza that is supposed to help men lose weight. It is full of good protein and will give the protein men need. We all hear that pizza is a bad for you, food. We all try to avoid eating pizza until we just can not go any longer. You want pizza but you do not want to mess up your diet. Oh, a breakfast pizza is part of the men’s health nutrition program. If supplies a lot of protein and is not too bad for you. The recipe is a big part of the weight loss and healthy eating program. Peas, eggs, prosciutto, and Parmesan cheese cover the whole wheat crust. Each serving gives you 26 grams of protein and about 400 calories, which is considered a healthy meal by doctors like Sergio Cortes. This pizza is a smart start to any day. It surely will help when you are having the pizza cravings.

Men’s health offers information on weight lifting and healthy living. There are articles telling you what you need to be eating and articles telling you how to exercise. Menshealth is a fantastic magazine for men. This magazine is good for men that want to live a healthy lifestyle. It offers tips and information for men. Check out the site at .

Overlooking the Dog Food industry potential

The first commercially produced pet food product was a dog biscuit produced and introduced in England about 1860. Since then the processed pet food industry has become a $23.7 billion industry. Today the pet food industry has grown to a worldwide industry with an endless array of products. Some manufacturers have stated that their products are so nutritious with real meat and vegetables, that they are practically suitable for human consumption. Packaging has also been reinventing with resealable packing to ensure freshness and helps prevent bacteria from contaminating the food. So great is this industry, that sales and the potential for growth of this industry has for the most part been overlooked by most investors. Nestle Purina Store Petcare introduced the Beneful brand of dog food in 2001. Beneful includes dry dog foods, wet dog foods, and dog treats. By 2012, Beneful had become the fourth largest dog food brand becoming one of Nestle Purina’s more prosperous brands with annual revenues of approximately $1.5 billion, according to a Amazon analysis. Also, in that same year, a $34-million television advertising campaign was launched making it the largest in Nestle Purina’s history. The basis of Beneful’s marketing was based on nutrition and appearance resembling stew with beef and vegetable pieces. Beneful stands for “full of goodness” according to a company spokesperson. By the close of 2006 Beneful’s revenues had reached $300 million. In that same year, the company had upgraded it’s facilities in St. Joseph, Missouri at a cost of $36 million to produce more wet dog food. In 2010, Beneful introduced IncrediBites that was packaged in stay-fresh packs, A term Beneful referred to as “Humanizing”. Beneful’s exclusive products for dogs include their Healthy Harvest product line which was added in 2005, as the company’s first premium dry dog food which featured soy as the main source of protein instead of meat. In March of 2006, Beneful introduced prepared meals with eight flavors which featured a multipurpose resealable package allowing food containers to also serve as a convenient dog food bowl. In 2007, Beneful’s packaging was noted at the Showcase of Packaging Innovations.

US Money Reserve Opinion on the Use of the Penny

Why is the penny still in use? This is a question many people have been debating for years. The small coin is practically worthless, and it even costs more to make than it is worth! Recently, the president of the US Money Reserve, Philip Diehl, weighed in on the subject with PR Newswire.

The biggest problem with the penny is it simply is not worth anything anymore, not even the time it takes for a person to bend over and pick it up. The time it would take to do so would have that person being paid less than minimum wage. However, the circulation of the penny still exists, why?

Some tout its necessity because if production were ceased then prices would increase and inflation would occur. This argument has seemed plausible for many of the past 25 years, but now with 75 percent of transactions taking place with a card rather than cash prices could remain stagnant. Diehl is even more optimistic and thinks that many companies would round down a penny or two to make their prices more competitive rather than rounding up and possibly losing market share.

Others say that if the penny needs to be taken out of circulation for costing too much, then the nickel should as well as it costs 9.4 cents to produce. However the nickel still has a chance to be made profitable as it could be made with cheaper materials whereas the penny is composed of nearly 100 percent zinc.

The main people who stand to profit from the production of the penny produce its blanks or serve on lobbies for the zinc industry. Other than for a select few the cessation of production would have no ill effects. It would actually save American taxpayers of $100 million in production costs each year.

The US Money Reserve is the largest distributor of gold, platinum, and silver coins issued by the federal government. It was started by gold market experts who sought to provide excellent customer service to those interested in investing in precious metals. These precious metals serve as a hedge against inflation and geopolitical events which can threaten the value of paper currency worldwide.

Doe Deere Breaks The Rules In The Name Of Fashion Beauty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and being bold and daring is who Doe Deere is. There are rules of fashion and beauty that are begging to be broken. Even though they are great suggestions for some who need guidance, but are not set in stone.

Doe Deere received the name of Unicorn Queen and is the CEO of Lime Crime makeup, because of her fashion and beauty statement that continues to break the rules. Her unique palettes of color and shades of makeup have proven to wear the nick name, “makeup for unicorns.” It’s amazing and magical colors that give you the storybook look of mermaids. However, it is cruelty-free cosmetics.

Who, but Doe Deere and her beautiful fun colors can pull this off. Only a few dare to break the rules of staying inside the lines of the color palettes. She encourages others to break a few rules and has shared a few bold and daring combinations.

There are rules and then there are some rules begging to be broken. It has been said that making one bold statement on your face at a time, such as a heavy, smoky eye would be paired with nude lips. And if you going to wear bold red lipstick, then a simple eye would be best. Limiting to one bold color on your face at the time is meant to be broken. Awe come on, you dare to be different?

Doe Deere loves to break this rule on a consistent basis. She loves her Blue Milk eyeliner with her amazing Red Velvet lip. She states that pairing Cry Baby, a bold blue lipstick with the rusty-reds of the Venus eyeshadow palette. She feels excitingly refreshed by mixing and matching colors that make her happy.

Someone made a rule that mixing too many colors is too much. Doe Deere let’s us in on her secret. Trust your instincts about your colors. Her trick for wearing multiple shades in the same ensemble is color coordination. This includes her hair and makeup. Colors of pink and green, lavender and hot pinks and of course periwinkle and peach colors. Doe Deere refers to a new line of Pradas for this season. You’ll find bright yellows paired with mints or chartreuse and cotton candy pinks. She further states that it’s perfectly ok to run wild with hues of colors.

Deere says that patterns are fun and the more the merrier. She wears print on prints and has quoted that there no wrong way to pair patterns but prefers the same color scheme or at least compliment each other.

Another rule she breaks often is wearing socks with open toe shoes. She feels that socks are a garment that is made to have fun with, so don’t hide them behind covered shoes.

Deere believes that even though neutral colors such as black, white, and grey are nice for the ‘unnatural’ colored hair, she loves her colors way too much to give them up. Consider the depth of the colors. With airy colors like pinks, pale blues, yellows or pale denim, you could use pastel hair looks. The deeper hair color like teal, violet, use more hues like Marigold yellow or red in your clothing. Have fun with your colors.

George Soros Believes There is Another Way

Russia, like many other countries, is battling the possibility of crisis or economic collapse. People are willing to blame the crisis strictly on the European market and the people heading up the economy. George Soros must know something about money and finances since he is one of the world’s wealthiest financiers according to Fortune magazine. He speaks out on refugees and what they are costing in the area of the European market. In talking with Chancellor Merkel, Soros made no mistake in giving his opinion on the Euro vs one money.

George Soros has long been a speaker and teacher of economy. He has the nickname of the “man who broke the bank”. George is a financier that is known to many to have high opinions on the Euro and how it is being run. He is worth billions so he must have some idea of how to manage an economy and make it work for him.

According to the CBS news interview, George Soro and others have a strong opinion on the refugee crisis and possible downfall of Europe. In the interview, it is spoken that since the “open policy”, over one million refugees have tried or succeeded to enter parts of Germany. Thousands try to enter by boat loads. The problem with this is that many of these refugees are coming illegally. They are overloading the society and causing a crisis. These migrants are unable to speak the language of the country they migrate to. This is making it difficult for them to get a job and work in the new country. This alone is making these refugees a burden to the society.

It is felt by many that the German President should limit the amount of refugees coming into Germany. It is also felt that this should not be open to everyone to just enter. They must meet certain guidelines and be able to offer something back to the community. People that enter the country must learn Germany’s language. They must also have a job or create a job for their family. Radicalization is very important to the success of this refugee program and to keep the area from a crisis.

Most people believe that the terrorist are coming from these migrations but in the CBS interview, it is said that the terrorist are actual “natives and second generation European natives to the area. Most of the people coming from migration are running from terrorism not to create terrorism. Yes, we should help our fellow man but there should be some rules and limits placed on the process if we want it to work for all involved.

Skout Exemplifies What Teens Loves the Most About Apps

When it comes to apps teens have a lot to consider. There are more than a million apps available, but most teens tend to gravitate towards the same ones. Parents are often thrilled about the different new apps that hit the app store, but many parents are slow to catch on.

Parents that are trying to catch up with what their kids are doing should look no further than Skout. This is an app that totally exemplifies the things that teens like the most about social media apps. They can look at pictures and explore profiles without a lot of reading. They can also meet people that have the same interests that they have rather quickly. This is what the average teen looks for when they are online.

When parents discover apps like Skout they may find themselves wanting to utilize the same apps themselves. Adults that are using Skout are able to network and build friendships in much the same manner that their teenagers are. There is a wide age range that is associated with Skout users so it is evident that there are going to be lots of parents that like the site. Skout is easy to use, and that makes it a favorite app for teens and the parents that are trying to keep tabs on their teens.

Instagram is another app that embodies simplicity. This is an app that simply shows photos. The concept may have seemed a bit far fetched upon inception, but millions of people have proven that smart phone and tablet users really do love looking at photos. Users that sign up will often make the decision to follow celebrities. This is how fans get an inside look at the lives of their favorite celebrities. There are some people that are not celebrities that still get a lot of followers. These people are often referred to on the web as “Instagram famous.”

The app world caters to just about anything that you are interested in. Teens have a short attention span so it can be difficult to keep them interested in any specific topic for a long time period. This is where other apps like Twitter come into play. There are tons of people that are very excited to learn about the daily activities of their fans. This happens through websites like Twitter. People can get caught up quickly. It doesn’t take a lot of time to read tweets. It is also a great way to discover new people online. This is one way to discover random friends through other people. Lots of tweets lead people to discoveries about things that they never knew existed. A whole world can be discovered through tweets.

Fourth Quarter NYC Real Estate Prices Climb, Eyes Set on Strong 2016

Foremost luxury of NYC real estate services firm boasted prices kept on climbing throughout the fourth quarter 2015.

By year’s end 2015, price per square foot trends maintained impressive heights as median development came in 6.2 percent higher than a year ago at $1,365, according to TOWN Residential’s quarterly residential market report, The Aggregate.

The fourth quarter saw the median sales price rise by 5.2 percent in Manhattan year-over-year, rising to $1,976,660 as median sales price growth came in 16 percent higher than a year ago to $1,150,000, as originally reported on Virtual Strategy Marketing.

The prices per square foot also increased at the end of the quarter as compared to the three-quarter reports by just about 8.4 per cent to a new level of $1,505.

What’s more, Manhattan condos showed the most sizable year-over-year gains with a nearly 20 per cent increase, coming in at $1,736,250 for the fourth quarter. The average price of a Manhattan co-op in the fourth quarter was $1,272,902, an increase of 4.6 percent over the third quarter’s $1,217,017.

During the fourth quarter TOWN Residential discovered greater than ever price movement in nearly each and every segment market wide.

For example, the median price of a one bedroom condo was $1,080,000; a two bedroom was $2,056,865 and a three-plus bedroom condo was $4,421,300. Of particular interest is the price of the three-plus bedroom coop which climbed 15 percent over the last quarter and exceeded the $3,000,000 mark.

The report took notice of Manhattan coming across an expanding disparity between new development sales and the resale marketplace. It also has seen a steadiness in the existing resale market as sellers have started fine-tuning their price potential from earlier in the year when prices hit their highest point.

Within Manhattan, there are 5,458 units priced at $5 million and lower; 601 units priced between $5-10 million and 493 luxury units priced more than $10 million.

The inventory advocates a strong and more stable 2016 market for buyers, according to TOWN Residential.