The Mirror in Bob Honey Who Do stuff

After turning his back from the acting scene, Sean Penn has penned or rather dictated a dystopian novel that is turning heads. You will need to take time to read this book.

You do not want to miss out on many illustrations and aspects of literature due to its uncommon descriptive words. The reading of the book also calls for a dictionary at hand during the reading sessions. Moreover, it is advisable to read it in segments to make room for reflection.

The picture of a dystopian society painted by Sean, features Bob Honey, a septic tank dealer, and a government contract killer. Penn vents his criticism, frustrations and political opinions through Bob Honey.

Penn also mirrors characters, not in the political scene like the character Fletcher who is a reflection of El Chapo. Taking this action may have inspired and caused Penn’s meeting which can be termed as controversial.

The divorced Bob Honey comes out as antisocial although trying to reach out to socialize with people. His antisocial personality, however, cannot be put at bay, might be because of his killer job. Penn’s stance on social issues is easy to spot with clear highlights like in the epilogue.

The Russian hacking, Las Vegas shooting, Yemen’s civil conflict and I Too are quite clear here. He points at the absurdity of these issues not hiding his anger or criticism. He speaks unsparingly about Scientology which he terms as a means of escape for life’s absurdity. Moreover, he jabs at religion accusing it of corruption of humanity.

Penn also surfaces the humanitarian topic in the book. Bob Honey does not hesitate to go and give a hand with relief efforts after a calamitous hurricane strikes the United States. Moreover, he is seen going to Iraq after the war to assess the damage caused.

Penn is personified in this case as he has been on the forefront of humanitarian. Sean helped form an organization to help the earthquake victims of Haiti and organizing rescue efforts after hurricane Katrina struck. Through Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, other issues like Me Too which is does not succumb to the book’s subtlety; environmental responsibility and bullying, the latter taking a jab at US’ current president. For Sean not only did this story have to be written in a book, but also he wanted to own it, unlike the movie business entirely.

Sightsavers is Life Changing

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