Securus Provides Inmates With New Devices

Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies was recently quoted, by PR Newswire, saying that he expected that the number of dispatched devices, that they had made for correctional facilities, to nearly double from the eighty-four thousand, that they had already sent out, to one hundred and fifty thousand by the end of 2016. The article made it clear that Smith believes he has a responsibility to inmates, personnel in correctional facilities and the community as a whole to make jail and prison a safer place, improve on the lives on both the inmates and their family and friends, and to make a significant decrease in recidivism. 

According to the article, the meaning of incarceration has dramatically shifted. Instead of meaning punishment, it now means rehabilitations and a time to prepare to go back out into the world. Securus’ goal is to make this a smooth process and that is why they invested 600 million dollars into developing and producing devices that could better enable inmates to recover and prepare themselves for the rest of their lives. This includes education, quality communication with loved ones and the ability to state their grievances with the system. It also means they should have access to a law library in order for them to be able to defend themselves. 

Securus Technologies is a creator of cutting edge technologies that assist individuals in the criminal justice system, both personnel and inmates. Securus provides phone services, video services and email services (see BBB reviews here). Under their inmate phone calls services, Securus provides pre-paid accounts, billed accounts, billed through the caller’s telephone company, pre-paid accounts for inmates and a voicemail ability when calling inmates. The video services provides video visitation so that an inmate’s loved ones do not have to travel to see them. Secure instant mail is the email service that Securus provides. This allows inmates to hear about something as soon as it happens by receiving an email from them directly. 

Securus also provides a number of other products for monitoring, corrections services, investigating and public safety. The public safety solutions include an emergency response system and 2 devices that are used for incident management. Under investigative solutions, there are devices that assist with both investigations and with biometric analysis. Within the corrections solutions are solutions for inmate communication, information management, inmate self-service and managed access. There are also 3 different monitoring solutions for personnel use.

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Skout Exemplifies What Teens Loves the Most About Apps

When it comes to apps teens have a lot to consider. There are more than a million apps available, but most teens tend to gravitate towards the same ones. Parents are often thrilled about the different new apps that hit the app store, but many parents are slow to catch on.

Parents that are trying to catch up with what their kids are doing should look no further than Skout. This is an app that totally exemplifies the things that teens like the most about social media apps. They can look at pictures and explore profiles without a lot of reading. They can also meet people that have the same interests that they have rather quickly. This is what the average teen looks for when they are online.

When parents discover apps like Skout they may find themselves wanting to utilize the same apps themselves. Adults that are using Skout are able to network and build friendships in much the same manner that their teenagers are. There is a wide age range that is associated with Skout users so it is evident that there are going to be lots of parents that like the site. Skout is easy to use, and that makes it a favorite app for teens and the parents that are trying to keep tabs on their teens.

Instagram is another app that embodies simplicity. This is an app that simply shows photos. The concept may have seemed a bit far fetched upon inception, but millions of people have proven that smart phone and tablet users really do love looking at photos. Users that sign up will often make the decision to follow celebrities. This is how fans get an inside look at the lives of their favorite celebrities. There are some people that are not celebrities that still get a lot of followers. These people are often referred to on the web as “Instagram famous.”

The app world caters to just about anything that you are interested in. Teens have a short attention span so it can be difficult to keep them interested in any specific topic for a long time period. This is where other apps like Twitter come into play. There are tons of people that are very excited to learn about the daily activities of their fans. This happens through websites like Twitter. People can get caught up quickly. It doesn’t take a lot of time to read tweets. It is also a great way to discover new people online. This is one way to discover random friends through other people. Lots of tweets lead people to discoveries about things that they never knew existed. A whole world can be discovered through tweets.

Everyone Should Give The Skout Network A Try

Those who are looking to date in the winter months are not alone because many tend to want to find a date around the wintertime to please their family members, especially so they can take someone to family functions and get-togethers. Several love experts have posted some information in the Washington Post that is very helpful for those who are looking to date. Several suggestions include the types of pictures to post, ways to start a conversation, how many conversations should take place before a meeting and much more. Those looking for dates online should start by going to Skout.

Those who have had the hardest time finding a date by going from bar to bar or from one club scene to another may want to start trying other ways of looking for love. Many are interested in dating online, which has become so popular that the majority of people are dating online as opposed to looking for dates in person. The good thing about online dating is the fact that two people can talk to each other online and eventually meet in person. Talking online has a great appeal because it’s surrounded by mystery until the two people get to see a picture of one another or meet one another in person.

The Skout network is the perfect place for a person who wants to date online, especially since it’s one of the most popular dating networks around. Although there are many dating networks, Skout has many things that make it unique, compared to other dating networks. Those who are not specific about the type of person they want to date can use what’s called the shake to chat feature on the Skout network. This feature is used via a portable device, such as a cell phone or a tablet, and the device needs to be shaken.

Once a person joins shake to chat, then they have to shake their device, and then anyone can come up on the screen. It’s possible to get a person to talk to that’s in one of the many countries that Skout is in, and this leads to 180+ possibilities because Skout is in that many countries. Even if a person is looking for friendship, the shake to chat feature is a great way to randomly meet people anywhere in the world. Those who want to get more specific when looking for a date can simply put some information into the search engine.

The search engine can look up information based on the type of person the user is looking for, where they live and much more. Once information is inserted into the search engine, then it’s possible to get many matches that may ultimately lead to a love connection between the two people. It doesn’t matter if two people are in completely different countries because the Skout network doesn’t have fees for two people who chat long-distance and try to get to know each other. Skout is a perfect meeting place for anyone who is looking for a date online.