Mr Sanjay Shah, the founder and CEO of Solo Capital, is an impeccable financial and business guru who has excelled in creating award-worthy companies under his able leadership. Solo Capital Partners LLP is a London- based financial boutique company regulated by Register.FCA. As the owner of Aesa S.a.r.l., he controls Solo Capital Holdings. Solo Capital provides financial services to individuals and organizations. It is a computer software company that has employed around 200 employees and has its headquarters at 10 EXCHANGE SQUARE PRIMROSE STREET. The company made over £20m as of March 2015. Sanjay Shah also owns over 30 other companies in cities such as London and Dubai, which he uses as his headquarters.

Sanjay Shah according to the Sunday Times is also the founder of Autism Rocks, which according to Globalcitizen.com is a charitable organization based in London whose sole purpose is to fund autism research. To participate in the worthy cause, an individual must be invited to the concert and charity event. Besides providing funds for the advancement of research on autism, it also provides support services to the affected. Autism Rocks was founded in 2014 by the philanthropist Sanjay after his son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with the disease in 2011. Among the famous musicians who have performed at the foundation’s events are Drake and Lenny Kravitz. A press release by P R Newswire revealed that he recently appointed Will Best and Pete Best to act as members of the board of trustees. He is the trustee of Autism Research Trust and acts as the trust director as well. The trust provides funds for the Cambridge Autism Research Center for research purposes.
He is a fierce business icon whose business sense is truly unrivaled. Valued at US$280 million as of January 2016, Sanjay is a successful entrepreneur. Sanjay Shah is a family man who is married to one wife.