Entrepreneur Shiraz Boghani Wins The 2016 ‘Hotelier Of The Year’ Award

Entrepreneur Shiraz Boghani from his humble beginnings has emerged as an extraordinary entrepreneur, businessman, investor, philanthropist and “Hotelier of the Year”. Winning this prestigious award from the Asian Media and Marketing Group, in 2016, was an illustration of his hard work, courage, determination and, motivation to succeed. His Superior actions have made a positive profound difference in the lives of his family, friends and, others as he became the change that he wanted to see. By providing excellence in the areas of customer service, employee relations, decision making, leadership and in many other areas, he was recognized by his community and prominent leaders as being more than worthy of receiving such an honorable award.

Shiraz Boghani is a man of courage, determination, and motivation. He posses the will to succeed despite any trials and tribulations that have occurred in his life. Mr. Shiraz Boghani began his journey when he left Kenya in 1969 And relocated to the UK. He became an accountant at a small firm known as Thompson McClintock and Company. He eventually became an early Pioneer in the 1990s and participated in the development of limited-service branded hotels that were located in London. It was this opportunity among many, that allowed Shiraz Boghani to excel in various areas of his life.

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As a certified accountant Mr. Shiraz Boghani, possessed a passion for the hospitality industry, focusing on the building and development of hotels. His career in this industry has expanded more than 30 years. He successfully owns and manages 19 hotels located in the United Kingdom. In addition to receiving “Hotelier of the Year Award,” Shiraz Boghani has received many awards that exemplify his level of commitment, compassion for others and dedication. The hotelier has demonstrated his ability to utilize superior negotiation skills when he brokered The Hilton London Bankside Hotel deal that is estimated to be worth approximately 120 million euros. Since the completion of this project, he has gone on to successfully participate in the building of the Holiday Inn London, The Grand Hotel and Spa, and the Conrad London St James. By providing exceptional leadership skills, Shiraz Boghani has made a major and positive impact on the hotel industry. And, contributed to the success of the Hilton Hotel family.

Mr. Shiraz Boghani is a true testament to entrepreneurship and what one can accomplish When they are determined to implement their vision, focus, and determination.

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How Did Fortress Investment Group Chairman Wes Edens Earn His Billions?

People don’t become billionaires due to one simple investment, do they? Billionaire Wes Edens is in the Top 1000, according to the Forbes Billionaire List. How did Fortress Investment Group Chairman Wes Edens earn his billions?

Fortress Investment Group Success

Hedge funds were just emerging when the Fortress Investment Group went public in 2007. This was right before the Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis, so money was flowing freely. It was the perfect storm.One of the key advantages of hedge funds is that their managers have the expertise to invest in cutting-edge technologies. They also perform a number of hybrid features, such as spinning, combining and taking certain companies public. Performing many investment bank functions, Fortress has helped keep the capital flowing. Fortress Investment Group Chairman and Co-Founder Wes Edens earned the first big slice of his billions with this IPO. He had paid his dues and learned finance at Black Rock Financial and Lehman Brothers.

Milwaukee Bucks Basketball Ownership

In 2014, Wes Edens paid big bucks for partial ownership of the Milwaukee Bucks. The NBA is a hot sporting brand. Its fast-paced style is particularly appealing to young people. Forbes calculated that revenue from each fan was $35 and gate receipts were $28 million. The Bucks have gone out and brought in great talent, like NBA All-Star Giannis Antetokounmpo. They have also updated facilities by spending $524 million on the downtown arena.The City of Milwaukee has been very happy to have a new owner. New billionaire owners have the deep pockets to make the investments to keep the brand uppermost in people’s minds. Sports franchises work closely with their hometown cities to make the enterprise profitable to all parties.

Fly on the Wall of League of Legends

And, the future of sports is in the electronics sector. Another cutting-edge investment was when billionaire Wes Edens bought the League of Legends Flyquest for $2.5 million. He understands the potential for eSports. He has even placed his son, Ryan as a manager over this team.Just like with so many other profitable ventures, Wes Edens invested in the new asset to upgrade its features. When Mr. Edens knocks, people listen. They know that he is a good source for the capital needed to stay in business.Through wise investments in finance and sports, Fortress Chairman Wes Edens made his billions. His investments are primed for continued success.

David McDonald: A 30-Year Veteran Of The Food Services Industry

In the global food services industry, few, if any have more experience and a better reputation for consistently delivering quality work that benefits both their company and their customers than David McDonald. President and chief operating officer of the OSI Group, for over 30 years McDonald has been helping provide clients on five continents with the highest quality food products and support services. At the OSI Group, David McDonald is a key cog in the chain that has helped the company establish over 70 food processing facilities in almost two dozen countries while maintaining excellent food quality, worker safety and environmental sustainability standards.

The Iowa native was born on a farm and has long been interested in biology and agriculture. In addition to that, David McDonald has a degree in animal science from Iowa State University, is multitalented, dedicated and has a work ethic few can match. Since being hired at the OSI Group in 1987 as a project manager, McDonald has earned a series of promotions that resulted in him being named president and COO. He has played a major role in helping the OSI Group to successfully expand into Europe, Asia, Australia, Central and South America. McDonald has helped the company handle the challenges of dealing with foreign governments, food suppliers and millions of customers.

Since David McDonald joined the OSI Group, the company has established a major foothold in China. They now have 10 food processing facilities there and are the largest processor of poultry products in China. The OSI Group also provides American fast food companies doing business there with the meat, fish, dough and vegetable product they need to operate. David McDonald explained that it is important the OSI Group focus on China because the country has the world’s largest population base. One of the things McDonald has been helpful with is enabling the company to produce foods that are specifically designed to meet the unique dietary taste of diverse cultures.

A husband and father of six, David McDonald is committed to his family, his community and his alma mater, Iowa State University. He volunteers a great deal of time to his church family, generously donates his energy, money and resources to helping Iowa State University to continue to thrive and he has worked very hard to help the OSI Group to continue to grow and remain a global leader in the food service industry.

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