Construcap Invests In Its Employees

Construcap was founded in 1944 by two engineers, Caio Luiz Pereira de Souza and Henrique Pegado. The company has grown continuously over the years and is now one of the ten largest construction companies in Brazil. Construcap specializes in infrastructure, energy, and buildings in both the private and public spaces. In order to meet the needs of the company and their clients on, Construcap is constantly updating the skills and knowledge of their employees.

There are several engineering technologies which are needed in the construction industry, especially for Construcap as they engage in mammoth public works projects. As these skills and technologies are constantly evolving Construcap employee’s also need to learn about and adapt their specialized skills to these new technologies.

The Supply Manager of the company, Maria Stella Ramalho da Riva, has remarked that keeping staff up to date on new technologies keeps the company running with leaner budgets and a more efficient operation. The continuous training that employees go through ensures that Construcap can offer its clients modern, creative, and appropriate solutions to fit their customized needs.

As another way of providing new and updated knowledge about new technology on the company also presents lectures to their employees by noted experts in their fields. One such lecture was by Keller Geotechnical Engineering and informed the attendees on solutions when dealing with the issues of soft soil, landfill stability, and density of compressible layers in the earth. Construcap’s efforts to train their employees on has been internationally recognized, as the company was awarded the ENR Global Awards for new plant a they had built for Fiat.

As part of the company’s mission for social responsibility to the communities they operate in, Construcap also seeks out and provides training to local residents in order to train in such occupations as masons and painters. Recognizing that these jobs are traditionally filled by men, Construcap makes a concentrated effort to also bring women into their training programs at The company also provides these newly trained people with equipment they will need such as helmets and work uniforms, so that they will have what they need to enter the construction field.