George Soros Hopes to Shake Up This Year’s Voting


As we all know by now, Donald Trump is on a mission to become our next president. Debate after debate, he makes it clear that he wants to shake up the United States and “Make America Great Again”. This is why he’s currently winning the other Republican candidates, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, in the polls. At this point, he’s even gathered up the support of former Republican hopefuls Chris Christie and Ben Carson. With all this momentum that Trump is gaining, George Soros knows he needs to take action.

Soros is currently putting together a $15 million campaign in the hopes to mobolize Latino and immigrant voters. He wants to get these individuals to come out to the polls this November in droves. Soros feels that by targeting these individuals, they can truly impact the numbers and whichever Democratic candidate in office. Right now, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are both vying for that spot.

The reason why Soros wants to reach out to the Latino and immigrant voters is that Trump has made it pretty clear that he does not want them on our soil. In fact, he plans on constructing walls at all of our borders so that immigrants can’t come in. While this may not sound like a terrible idea in theory, it will be tearing about families. It would also turn Trump into a dictator, all which is not beneficial for our country.

In particular, Soros is swaying his efforts more heavily in states like Nevada, Colorado and Florida. That’s because those states have a huge Asian and Latino population. These are the individuals that will be most effected by Trump’s win. One would probably assume that Soros would target Latino and immigrant voters that don’t have a clear favorite candidate. And while that’s definitely true, Soros is also using his money to reach out to the Latinos and immigrants that are Democratic voters. He wants to make sure that when they individuals head out to the polls this November, there is no question in mind who they’re going to vote for.

Over the past couple of months, Trump has really offended most of the country. However, most of his negative comments have been directed right at Latinos and immigrants. This is why Soros feels so strongly about shaking up this year’s voting. It should be very interesting to see if these efforts actually make a difference in the election or if Trump will end up winning anyways. What will happen if Trump wins? Will Soros take any further action to stop Trump from being a dictator? We may not have answers to these challenging questions yet, but we definitely will once November rolls around.