Sean Penn On Why He Decided To Write “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

It isn’t everyday that someone transitions from being a director to becoming an author. This kind of thing rarely happens. In Sean Penn’s case, however, he was happy to make the transition from director to author. He says that being an author allows him a freedom that he’s never before known. Writing books allows him to make his visions come to life. Although he has seen quite a few visions come to life when he was a part of the film industry, he often times had to collaborate with other producers and directors.


This means that he would sometimes have to change his vision for the film, and the film would often end up being less than what he wanted it to be. In Penn’s own words, the film would sometimes end up being “disappointing.” For this reason and this reason alone, Penn has chosen the author lifestyle. His book is called Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff and is about a typical guy who lives a not-so-typical life. Bob Honey is your average septic tank salesman.


He works hard to pay the bills then goes home to relax…or does he? When Bob Honey isn’t putting on a facade as your normal, everyday, blue-collar guy, he’s running around town killing old people. Bob Honey assassinates the elderly using a wooden mallet. He also does a lot of good, however, such as rescuing imprisoned Jews.


Because Sean Penn has never been known for authoring books, many have wondered where he got the idea for Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff and if he began writing because he became inspired by other authors, but Penn says that no authors have inspired him. Although people have been comparing him to some huge names in the world of books, most of the people that Penn is being compared to are people whose names he has never heard. Penn didn’t begin writing because any particular person inspired him to; he began writing because it was the only way he could freely express his thoughts and creativity without fear of them being changed.