Greg Secker as a Stepping Stone in Forex Trading


Learn to Trade was established in 2003 by a renowned master trader Greg Secker. Greg Secker spent years doing Forex Trading before retiring at the age of 27 years. During his career, Greg Secker was able to generate millions of dollars and managed to come up with proven techniques for running the forex trading successfully. He then developed Learn to Trade so as to share out those trading techniques with other people all across the world. It was since then that Learn Trade grew exponentially. Currently, Learn to trade has over 250,000 people who have already attended their seminars as well as workshops. They also have former students who are currently trading successfully in Australia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and now the Philippines.

The mission of Learn to Trade remains the same despite our tremendous growth and achievements. Learn to Trade workshop provides people with the techniques that they require to attain their financial freedom. This would rather enable them to start living their dreams as well. Greg Secker is usually invited by media houses due to his professional ideas and advice on the direction of the market. He has spoken and interviewed on many popular market channels such as CNBC and Bloomberg. Greg Secker is a recognized speaker who is usually invited to speak alongside big names and figures for instance Richard Branson, Tony Blair, T Harv Eker, Robert Kiyoski, Anthony Robins and many others.

Greg Secker attained tremendous success at an early age. As a result, he has been searching for the various ways in which he can give back to the society. In 2011, Greg Secker launched a non-profit charitable foundation which was meant to positively improve the life quality for children all across the world. In 2013, this foundation launched The Kasani Creche in Johannesburg which was supported by Virgin unite which was Bradson’s charity.

Greg Secker came to realize the best techniques in the world during his travels around the international trading floors. After the discovery of this tremendous technique, Greg Secker further developed and continued to teach it in his award-winning courses today. Over 250,000 has managed to attend his Forex trading workshops all across the world. This has helped them to make a second income from the most volatile market in the world.