Sussex Healthcare, Now Hiring

Healthcare workers in the U.K. now have an exciting job opportunity. Sussex Healthcare announced several job openings for the new year. These positions include registered nurses, medical staff, care assistants, administrative positions and therapists that include recreation therapist assistants, physiology therapists and others. This large healthcare group is additionally searching for certified and experienced drivers to provide safe transportation for these private care home residents. Drivers also provide transportation services to community members involved in this healthcare provider’s community outreach service programs. Salary rates for all open job positions are quite competitive and lucrative as well. Many bonus benefits may also apply.

Sussex Healthcare has posted their current job opportunities online. Prospective employees are urged to consider these well-paid open job positions, and they can get further details by contacting Sussex Healthcare’s friendly representatives. This employer offers top healthcare benefits and provides a safe and rewarding work environment. This company prefers to hire new job candidates from among their existing interested staff members. This company has a lot to offer individuals searching for a pleasant place to work. Many employees of this healthcare group have taken advantage of the career opportunities that ensure further career advancement options down the road.

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The career opportunities at Sussex Healthcare do not stop with just the direct patient care job positions. The company is also looking for top IT and related supportive staff jobs. Working in any of this healthcare provider’s premium care facilities provides intriguing work challenges and a healthy work environment. Many employees make lateral or advanced career moves within this company. This respected healthcare group is committed to maintaining their high standards that those in the community have come to depend on. This healthcare provider continually updates their care services to ensure that each service is current with the latest healthcare research and standards.

Just recently, a fabulous brand new gymnasium opened its doors. The innovative facility offers incredibly up-to-date exercise equipment and an onsite heated pool. This building is staffed when open, and patients of Sussex Healthcare and elders and/or disable community members are warmly welcomed to use the state-of-the-art facilities. Staying fit is a goal that every person should try to achieve. Staff members from Sussex Healthcare are thrilled with this new facility that offers a safe exercise environment. Fitness experts deliver highly personalized routines for therapeutic pool exercises. Sussex Healthcare plans to hire talented job applicants soon.

Brian Torchin Adjusts Staffing

Brian Torchin is the owner and President of HCRC Staffing, began in 2007, which provides an online site for both healthcare and legal professionals seeking employment.

After receiving a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science from Delaware University, he attended the New York Chiropractic College and graduated in 1995 with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. As a practicing chiropractic, he opened, managed and staffed medical offices in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Florida.

With this experience, he came to the conclusion that employee turnover was the major problem in both the healthcare industry and the legal field. Realizing that important positions needed to be filled quickly, he began HCRC to reach that goal.

Today, his company provides staffing to the United States, Australia, Europe and Canada, with over 200 clients. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

Finding jobs in the healthcare industry can be difficult, as not all positions are advertised publicly. HCRC serves as a conduit between employers and health professionals to connect. HCRC finds candidates such as chiropractors, physician assistants, urgent care providers, physical therapists and nurse practitioners. They also serve to provide aid in fulfilling positions in office management, front desk reception, billing and public relations.

HCRC also recruits for a wide range of positions in the legal field. These include attorneys, secretaries, assistants, paralegals and administrators.

Using a staffing company to find healthcare and legal professionals lessens the cost of recruitment and subsequent training. Ultimately, it has been found that employees hired from HCRC have higher productivity, less absenteeism, and better employee engagement, per Brian Torchin.

One thing employers have to deal with is the reduction of staff due to various life situations. Because of this, there is always a demand for qualified candidates to fill jobs. HCRC, under his directionn, does an excellent job of providing both medical and legal talent, and does so within 72 hours.