Ben and Jerry’s Dairy Free Ice Cream

Good news for vegans everywhere. You can now experience one of the most famous luxuries around. Ben and Jerry’s just unveiled its first ever non dairy ice creams! To top it off, you won’t even be limited to the average flavors, you will get to experience the real stuff, the stuff Ben and Jerry’s are famous for!

Starting Wednesday, vegans everywhere will be able to enjoy four flavors that Ben and Jerry’s offers. This dairy free, vegan-friendly ice cream can be found in the favored Chunky Monkey and Chocolate Fudge Brownie. However, after all the years of vegans envying Jon Urbana and other people who could eat Ben and Jerry’s, they introduced two flavors that are exclusive to the dairy free line! These flavors include the most anticipated P. B. and Cookies which is a crunchy peanut butter and coffee caramel fudge swirl. This is an ice cream that can cause any dairy lover to make the vegan switch!

The base of these new Ben and Jerry’s concoction is almond milk. Not only does this open the ice cream up to a large fan base, but it is also healthier for those who are looking to cut back on dairy, and the almond milk also gives it a unique flavor that more and more people are choosing of traditional dairy.

Look no further than these four new options for those of you who have always dreamed of trying the world famous Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavors!