New York Attorney Ross Abelow Launches Fund Raiser For Community Animal Shelters

This winter animal lovers who reside in northern states will witness multiple ill, hungry and injured strays shivering and struggling to survive in the streets of many cities. Most of us will be unable to take these abandoned animals into our own homes to care for and provide them with the necessities they need to survive.

Communities around the world are loaded with to many animals in need of vaccinations, medical care, food and sanctuary. The option of taking one of these suffering animals to an animal shelter will be short lived due to the lack of resources our community shelters have in providing space and supplies needed to house and care for them.

On January 13, 2016 a long term resident and attorney living and serving in New York City launched a GoFundMe campaign announcing his goal to raise $5000.00 to be donated to animal shelters in his community. Ross Martin Abelow of New York, NY is focused on decreasing the number of stray, injured and ill animals suffering in the icy paved streets of New York this winter.

By raising the funding local animal shelters have been lacking to accommodate the increasing numbers of suffering animals, Abelow means to tackle two of the cities concerns regarding the issue. Not only will animal shelters have the ability to care for ill and injured animals but the funding donated to the shelters will also ensure a decrease of strays on the street by providing the shelters with the ability to expand their space and in turn house more abandoned animals.

Aside from his recent announcement of this GoFundMe campaign, Ross Abelow is a partner in the law firm Abelow & Cassandro. He is active on social media sites such as Facebook and Mashable while also running both a legal blog as well as a personal blog.

Ross Martin Abelow acquired his license to practice law in the state of New York. He earned his law degree at Brooklyn Law School, J.D. having been admitted to the United States Bar Association in 1989. Prior to earning his law degree Abelow attended State University of New York at Albany, B.A. Abelow’s area of practice includes Matrimonial Law, Family Law, Commercial litigation and Entertainment Law.

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