Andy Wirth Explains Squaw Valley Gondola Plan


The Lake Tahoe region has been seeing a major level of investment and redevelopment over recent months, with Squaw Valley Ski Resort at the heart of many of the most recently announced development plans. Powder Magazine has reported Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth has been explaining the the benefits and background to the gondola plan that will link Squaw Valley to the Alpine Meadows Ski Resort.

Andy Wirth has been involved in the move towards linking the two historic ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe region since his arrival in the area in 2010. Soon after the arrival of Wirth a deal was struck to add Alpine Meadows to the assets of Squaw Valley Holdings; rumors have circulated since Squaw Valley took control of Alpine Meadows concerning a proposed gondola link. The gondola plan may have been unveiled earlier had Wirth not suffered a life threatening injury during a skydiving accident, which almost cost the CEO his life.

Since returning to his position after the injury Andy Wirth has been pushing on with his plans to improve the experience visitors to Lake Tahoe have. One of the major areas he has looked to improve the economy and lifestyle experience is in the ease of travel to the region, amongst the changes Wirth has tried to implement is in the local airport system and the number of available planes.

The gondola plan has long been rumored because of the close proximity of the two resorts, which are separated by a small ridge. The major problems for Squaw Valley and Andy Wirth included the fact that the land between the two resorts was owned by a private individual and the U.S. Forestry Service. Troy Caldwell, who owns the private land, has now come to an agreement with Andy Wirth to allow the three stage gondola plan to be constructed on his property. The final problem facing the plan is now gaining approval from the U.S. Forestry Service for the gondola to pass over their land.