What George Soros Thinks Of Donald Trump

Two Billionaires Clash Heads
In 2016 George Soros and Donald Trump exchanged heated rhetoric towards each other. Soros has had quite a bit of time of time on the Left and Trump has made himself a figure on the right. Naturally, when Trump decided to announce his campaign and focus on immigration as his primary concern it struck a nerve in Soros. Since then George Soros has made a habit of attacking Trump and his agenda.

The Champion Of The Left
George Soros is one of the world’s wealthiest men, but he has been a long time support of progressive policies. Since the 1990s he has made an effort to support nearly every Democrat candidate from Bill Clinton to Hillary Clinton. He took a brief break from politics after the loss of John Kerry in 2004, but the 2016 election sparked something in Soros. George Soros was very excited about the campaign of Hillary Clinton and he wanted to do everything he could to support her campaign. Unfortunately she ended up losing to Donald Trump in the long run.

The November Disappointment
The results of election night were both a shock and a disappoint to George Soros. He had expected Hillary Clinton to win the election easily given her poll numbers. Although she was able to win the popular vote, she lost the electoral college to Donald Trump handily. Trump’s victory marks on discoverthenetworks.org Republican’s near complete control over the federal government of the United States. At this point the future of the progressive legacy does not seem bright. Trump promised he would do everything he can to reverse the decisions of Obama and it appears as if this is in fact what he will do.

What George Soros Has Planned Ahead
To fight against the agenda of Donald Trump on Investopedia.com George Soros is doing everything he can to stop him. He has decided to gather the support of other progressive donors and top Democrats to make this happen. After the victory of Trump he met with Nancy Pelosi to establish the plan going ahead regarding the fight against Trump. There are so many issues at hand and the way ahead isn’t very clear. Read more on Forbes.

Preparing For Hard Times
While George Soros is fighting Trump he sincerely believes that the coming years are not going to bode well for Democrats or progressive policies in general. In fact he thinks that this shift towards authoritarianism may actually threaten the rights of minorities and the success of the western world. However, even when discussing the bleak short term prospects of progress he maintains hope for the future. There are always delays in the march towards progress but the end favors the Left.

4 Of The Most Important Things George Soros Did This Year

2016 was a busy year for George Soros. After a long hiatus he finally returned to the world of politics with some of the biggest donations he’s made in years. After donating $500 million to European countries to integrate migrants and turning Hillary Clinton’s campaign into the largest in American history Soros was certainly active this year. Unfortunately things did not go well for the left. Conservatives were able to claim near complete control over the American federal government and the Brexit campaign successfully removed the United Kingdom from the European Union. Nonetheless 2016 was the year of Soros.

Funding The Hillary Clinton Campaign
As a long time friend of the Clintons George Soros has always supported the political efforts of the Clintons. Starting this summer George Soros donated $8 million to the campaign of Hillary Clinton in hopes of encouraging others to follow suit. After his initial donation the contributions piled on resulting in more than $1.5 billion in funds. This means, thanks to the work of George Soros, that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was the largest in American history. No campaign has received as much money from sources as diverse as those Hillary Clinton drew from.

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Protecting Migrants In Western Europe
Like any war the Syrian civil war has produced its fair share of migrants. Unable to find food or other vital resources during the chaos in their own countries Syrian migrants are crossing the borders of Europe for help. Refugees from other countries affected by war,such as Iraq and Libya, are also joining into the mix. Naturally this results in many difficulties in integrating the diverse migrant population into European culture. As the patron of the left George Soros donated more than half of a billion euros to help integrate migrants into European society. With his financial help Soros believes that European Countries can educate migrants and promote migrant businesses.

He’s Fighting For Criminal Justice Reform
Reforming the criminal justice system is one of the most important yet overlooked issues facing America today. Like any other progressive cause Soros has made it his mission to champion it. Specifically George Soros has provided major donations to the political campaigns of district attorneys seeking to change criminal policy. Most of these donations have targeted southern states with large prison populations such as Florida and Texas. Unlike his efforts to support Hillary Clinton Soros’ has taken a hands off approach to these district attorney races.

The Return Of The Democratic Alliance
After the 2004 victory of George W. Bush, George Soros formed the Democratic Alliance to think of how to provide better support to left leaning politicians and progressive causes. Although he had hopes for the Democratic Alliance Soros was considerably less active for years. 2016 marked his return to politics and by extension the Democratic Alliance he currently runs. Although Democrats experienced major losses this year George Soros and his donor friends are currently thinking of ways to stage a comeback at some future point.

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