If You Want To Be A Winner In 2017, Change Your Online Reputation Management Philosophy Now!

Online reputation management isn’t just for businesses and celebrities. It’s apparent everyone needs it nowadays. What search results reveal about someone or a particular brand matter. It’s a determining factor that’s been injected into almost every relationship forged today, be it landing a ‘dream’ job, customer relations or common friendships. HR specialists and headhunters across the U.S. put emphasis on evaluating applicants’ online reputation. Forbes recommends the following five creative strategies to nail an award-worthy digital presence in 2017.

Nobody should lose friends, a potential job or business over poorly presented gossip online. Few people care about managing online presence until something goes wrong. Early intervention prevents unpleasant surprises and the inevitable. So, routinely monitoring digital presence using Reputation.com, assessing and remedying damages early makes a world of difference. This step doesn’t require any expertise using Google, Yahoo! and Bing search engines. What’s wrong? The lesson learned can be as trivial as a name conflict, nonsense comments or critical issues like defamation images, controversial slandering. The quickest remedy is hiring professional help as a mature expertise on digital reputation can deliver effective results with an immediate turnaround.

Circulating clean, professional information about oneself is key. With personal domains and relevant content feeding information to search engines, it’s almost effortless to control what the world reads. A professional bio page linking to social media connections and another official space is a valuable resource. It’ll help harness supportive feedback and create an avenue to forge new relationships or friendships. Irrespective of what the internet says about someone, it’s imperative that he or she doesn’t lose sight of what matters – goals, audience, purpose, etc. In the vast cyber world where everyone is in it for a fair exchange of offer for gain, understanding how to position oneself is crucial.

With this intelligence, creating relevant content and growing social media presence will become second nature. Largely, it’s a sound strategy to inspire and entertain the right audience. Of course, this requires consistency and a well-organized calendar to generate a favorable outcome. In 2017, managing digital reputation couldn’t be easier. Fake, unfounded news go viral in a wink these days with social media intervention. For this reason, everyone should exercise extreme measures to monitor online reputation by exploring the steps above.


The More Job Satisfaction, the Less Employee Turnover

Job satisfaction is not something that is easy to come by these days. Fortunately, there are ways that employers can contribute to employee job satisfaction. Employee turnover comes at a very high price to employers. ERE Media reports that it costs between 30%-50% of an entry-level worker’s salary to replace an entry-level worker. Turnover is inevitable, but there are ways to reduce it.

Great incentivized goals is one strategy that can be used to help reduce employee turnover. For example, if an employee or a team reaches a certain benchmark, they may be rewarded with bonus pay or some other sort of incentive. Free yoga classes or a free monthly visit to a masseuse are just a few examples.

A second way to reduce employee turnover is to acknowledge employee accomplishments. Employees want to feel like they have accomplished something positive. They also want to feel like they are worth-while contributors to a company. Giving an employee recognition or announcing an accomplishment can go a long way. Even a pat on the back can have a positive affect as well.

Last but not least, it is important for employees to stay in the loop about what’s going on around the company. They want to know about new hires, new milestones, or other changes that are taking place within the company. It’s also not a bad idea to have a question and answer session within company meetings.

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