Hippeas Snacks by Livio Bisterzo

livio bisterzo give peas a chance

Livio Bisterzo and Green Park Holdings has a new “better for you” snack product named Hippeas. Hippeas are gluten-free, chickpea puffs that are kosher, organic and vegan. They are good for you and a good source of protein.

Hippeas contain 3 grams of protein and are 100 calories per pack. They contain no preservatives and no additives. According to the official website they are also “packed with good vibes.”

Recently the company officially announced that their new Hippeas became the newest product to become a part of the Starbucks franchise assortment of famous “grab-and-go snacks”. Over 7,500 Starbucks stores across the united States will now carry two different flavors of Hippeas. As this piece goes to press both flavors–Far Out Fajitas and Vegan White Cheddar– are now available.

Livio Bisterzo’s hew product just might be catching on too. Of course, Bisterzo’s success did not happen overnight. Where did it begin?

Let’s take a look back on his career. Bisterzo, who has worked in the health and natural food industry for more than seven years, was educated at the University of the Arts in London, England. He began his entrepreneurial endeavors in 2006 with the Alvaro Group (with locations in New York City, Chicago and London).

His next position was with Little Miracle Drinks. He was with the company between 2011 and late 2014. Four months after that he working with Green Park, a food innovation company, based in Los Angeles, California. A month later, following numerous consumer test sessions and product development meetings, Hippeas were born.

Bisterzo, considered by some to be a food and beverage specialist, reportedly has other areas of expertise as well. They include (but are not necessarily limited to) brand building,business development, CPGs, FMCG, innovations, marketing, nutrition and soft drinks. He and is purportedly “taking food forward” as some put it.

The company may indeed be relatively new. They make no bones about admitting it on their official website. Still they are also well aware that they are in a business sector (nutrition and health) that is expanding rapidly.

Hence they continue to produce product brands that are natural and –as they say–“better for you”. Bisterzo and company are working to led the way in producing a positive change in the food industry. They hope to accomplish this goal by running food businesses that can positively impact society and encourage and bring about timely behavioral and cultural changes in the world.