Dr. Clay Siegall, A Business Guru And Scientist

Dr. Cay Siegall has been in the field of medicine for quite a long time, and his presence there has brought about a great impact. He has helped to transform the methods that were initially being used in treating cancer. At the moment, cutting edge technology is being employed in the production of medication used to deal with the condition. Dr. Clay Siegall initially realized that there existed a deficiency in the medical field, as the technology was progressing at a breakneck pace, but the medical scientists had not embraced it in the process of research.

Dr. Clay Siegall obtained his degree in medicine from the University of Maryland. Initially, medicine was not his greatest passion, but his entry into this field was motivated by the suffering that he saw his father undergo in the process of accessing chemotherapy treatment since he had cancer. Clay always believed that it was crucial to do more in ensuring that cancer is treated adequately and the process of treating the condition should be humane.

Dr.Clay Siegall pioneered the establishment of Seattle Genetics, and his primary objective was to ensure that his dream of discovering better methods of cancer treatment are realized. Due to his effort and desire to embrace technology in the treatment of cancer, Seattle Genetics has managed to grow into a large biotechnology company that has currently availed over 15 different cancer treatment medications that have been approved by the FDA. His success in the manufacture of cancer treatment drugs was enabled by the fact that he decided to adopt the use of technology unlike in the past where less technological advancement was being utilized.

The great contribution that Dr. Clay Siegall has made in medicine, has led him to receive numerous awards for the great success that he has established in the process of cancer treatment. His previous academic background has also helped him greatly in achieving success since he has already undertaken numerous studies in genetics and zoology. In the field of medicine, Dr. Clay Siegall is greatly respected for the change that has managed to bring. He also serves as a lead research scientist in other organizations such as Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals.