The Company of MaKari De Suisse

The mission of Makari is to provide a variety of beauty products that are unique and have been produced specifically to provide for the needs of men and women of color. For decades, both women and men that have darker skin have seemed to be neglected by the beauty industry, and Makari has made it their goal to change this. They have done this by providing luxurious lines of haircare, skincare, and cosmetics and many other products that are designed in meeting the unique skincare needs for their demographic. Makari strives to address all of the main beauty concerns from their customers by creating a skin whitening cream. All of the products are made with natural ingredients which include Carrot Oil, Argan Oil, and Caviar in providing added nourishment and hydration. The skincare line from Makari has been formulated in order to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, dark spots and acne marks that can be such a barrier when it comes to achieving a skin tone that is perfect.

Makari products where first manufactured in Switzerland, a country has respect for high quality, and while it has undergone technical scrutiny and intense scientific, this has resulted in a formula that has combined natural plat extracts and luxurious caviar extracts. Makari is now available in local beauty stores around the world, as well as some private locations within New York City, Brussels and Paris, the original line from Makari features the original seven products to the 60 different products, that are mainly a baby line, a skin care line and a make-up line. Also included is a line of 10 different body lotions, each with different scents. Unlike many skin products that are made for individuals with darker skin, Makari does not use Hydroquinone in any of their products. It has been tested that Hydroquinone can lead to several harmful side effects. Makari has made it their focus to take a natural approach when it comes to their approach for skincare, that is gentle but yea effective products, that will leave the customers skin nourished and will provide a natural glow. By going the Makari’s website, customers can explore all of the
various lines of products, that can help with getting them to achieve a look that they have always dreamed of.

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