Securus Technologies, Acquiring Strength in Numbers

Securus Technologies is a company based in Dallas, Texas. They have been in business for over 30 years and specialize in correctional facility support. The company has acquired numerous businesses over the years, GovPayNet being the most recent. This company specializes in payment processing for government entities such as courts, probation offices, jails and more. Securus Technologies provides many different types of services, but the most popular ones are in correctional facility management software, telecommunications such as calling and video visitation, and monitoring inside and outside of correctional institutions.


In recent years, Securus Technologies has made it more affordable for friends and families to communicate with their loved ones. As a result, they’ve enjoyed an incredibly high customer satisfaction rating and have been able to resolve most concerns in just one communication. These numbers are impressive for any company, let alone one handling matters of those who are incarcerated. Securus Technologies has also been praised in its efforts to curtail contraband through monitoring within the institutions. The also recent acquisition of the company known as JPay has assisted in introducing wireless containment systems into facilities. These devices act to block unauthorized calls and texts from contraband cellular devices. This technology alone increases safety both inside and outside jail walls.


The monitoring services provided by Securus Technologies aren’t just used to monitor convicts. The systems also monitor employees. Several incidents in recent years had uncovered employees acting unethically. The monitoring of phone conversations and video visitations has also been helpful in investigations, all the way through to prosecution. Many cases that were unable to be proven otherwise, have been made possible due to this technology. Facility officials, particularly, have praised the efforts of Securus Technologies in their vigilant efforts to keep things safe and secure within the facilities. It will be interesting to see what this and any further acquisitions produce in the future.



Securus Technologies was established in 1986 to help various correctional facilities prevent and solve crimes, and its headquarters is in Dallas Texas. The company operates regional offices in major cities such as Atlanta, Allen, and Carrolton. Securus Technologies has been serving over 1.2 million prisoners in 48 countries and almost 3400 correctional agencies. The company has a 24-hour working schedule both at the technical support team and call center.


Securus Technologies prides in working with the largest crew in the industry of up to 1300 partners across the globe. On top of that, the company works with experienced officers who are based near the correctional facilities they serve. Securus Technologies is one of the leading high-tech software solutions that offer the best edge in criminal justice solutions that enhance public safety. The company offers a connection between:


  • Family and friends of the inmates
  • Correctional facility workers with vital information
  • Connecting prisoners to modern technology
  • Provides various investigation leads


As per July 2016, Securus Technologies had invested a sum of $600 on technology and acquisition whereby the technology company has made numerous purchases in the last few years. Here are some of the acquisitions made by Securus Technologies:



  • In 2012, they purchased the Primonics and DirectHit systems
  • In 2013, they acquired the Archonix system and Satellite tracking of people
  • In 2014 and 2015, the company bought Guarded Exchange, Cellblox, Jpay, JLG technology and Telerus



This technology has played a vital role in ensuring that there is smooth operation in the correctional facilities. The modern technology has enabled Securus Technologies to introduce high-tech systems to control contraband cell phones in those correctional facilities. In 2016, the company introduced the Securus Managed Access solution, and it was approved by many departments of correctional facilities. The company made a critical move of partnering with Harris Corporation to offer efficient cell defender technology.

Securus Technologies Launches Software That Monitors Inmate Calls

Securus Technologies recently introduced a new tool that can be used to analyze phone calls made by inmates. Investigator Pro 4.0 is a type of software that is powerful enough to precisely identify the unique voice of an individual. This technology is particularly useful for jails and prisons that allow inmates to make and accept phone calls. Investigator Pro 4.0 gives users plenty of shortcuts when it comes to tracking phone calls of suspicious individuals. This program can scan an array of phone calls that would be very difficult to analyze manually.


Security personnel in correctional institutions can rely on Investigator Pro 4.0 to pinpoint specific phone calls that might be linked to illegal activities. For example, some inmates might use unique phrases to secretly communicate with gang members who haven’t yet been caught by the police. It’s actually quite common for incarcerated individuals to make important logistical decisions on drug activities and other illegal transactions on the streets. Traditionally, inmates have used letters to effectively send out simple messages to their partners in crime outside of jails or prisons.


Of course, some inmates also rely on telephone calls to secretly communicate with gang members and other malicious individuals. Authorities have always faced the challenge of cracking down the secret lines of communication between inmates and their close partners who aren’t locked up yet. Investigator Pro 4.0 can actually be used to track individuals who might be suspected of committing crimes. People who frequently call inmates can be identified with priority tags in this software.


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies has been serving the American criminal justice niche since the 1980s. This company has launched many types of IT solutions that have improved logistics in thousands of jails and prisons. With its innovative spirit and technical capabilities, Securus Technologies is always looking forward to improving correctional institutions in North America.


Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Securus Technologies Implements a Technology that Saves Time and Money
Securus Provides Inmates With New Devices

Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies was recently quoted, by PR Newswire, saying that he expected that the number of dispatched devices, that they had made for correctional facilities, to nearly double from the eighty-four thousand, that they had already sent out, to one hundred and fifty thousand by the end of 2016. The article made it clear that Smith believes he has a responsibility to inmates, personnel in correctional facilities and the community as a whole to make jail and prison a safer place, improve on the lives on both the inmates and their family and friends, and to make a significant decrease in recidivism. 

According to the article, the meaning of incarceration has dramatically shifted. Instead of meaning punishment, it now means rehabilitations and a time to prepare to go back out into the world. Securus’ goal is to make this a smooth process and that is why they invested 600 million dollars into developing and producing devices that could better enable inmates to recover and prepare themselves for the rest of their lives. This includes education, quality communication with loved ones and the ability to state their grievances with the system. It also means they should have access to a law library in order for them to be able to defend themselves. 

Securus Technologies is a creator of cutting edge technologies that assist individuals in the criminal justice system, both personnel and inmates. Securus provides phone services, video services and email services (see BBB reviews here). Under their inmate phone calls services, Securus provides pre-paid accounts, billed accounts, billed through the caller’s telephone company, pre-paid accounts for inmates and a voicemail ability when calling inmates. The video services provides video visitation so that an inmate’s loved ones do not have to travel to see them. Secure instant mail is the email service that Securus provides. This allows inmates to hear about something as soon as it happens by receiving an email from them directly. 

Securus also provides a number of other products for monitoring, corrections services, investigating and public safety. The public safety solutions include an emergency response system and 2 devices that are used for incident management. Under investigative solutions, there are devices that assist with both investigations and with biometric analysis. Within the corrections solutions are solutions for inmate communication, information management, inmate self-service and managed access. There are also 3 different monitoring solutions for personnel use.

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