QNet Commits to Working with More Women Entrepreneurs

QNet has done a solid job in India. The direct selling company has made quite a number of interesting business moves in the country. Among those moves is to expand its direct selling entrepreneur base by seeking to work with more women. Actually, QNet is interested in grooming a number of women entrepreneurs all across the globe. Considering the size and scope of QNet, there is no reason why the company would be unable to do this.

QNet has made a strong commitment to working with more women, and this is evident based on a public commitment made during International Women’s Day. The company has stated it wishes to groom women entrepreneurs so they may earn significant incomes through the commissions from sales.

The number of women in the direct selling industry is already very high. Per the Direct Selling Association, 74.4% of direct sellers are women. Signing someone up to a direct selling opportunity is one thing. Effectively training and grooming a professional for success is another. QNet wants to make sure those affiliated with the company are successful. 

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QNet’s scope is global. The company is based in Hong Kong, and offices are open in 25 countries. Affiliate sellers are found in about 100 countries. Again, this is a company with an impressive global presence. India is emerging as the country QNet really wants to establish as its top market.

Qnet is in the process of moving all of its manufacturing to India. This is a big deal, so to speak. India could prove to be a much less costly location in which to produce various products in the QNet line.

Additionally, QNet has a marketing strategy to expand its direct seller network in the country. Of course, hiring and training numerous new women entrepreneurs to work with the company.

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