Alex Pall on the History of the Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers is a widely popular duo in EDM or electronic dance music. It was formed about a handful of year ago and is now one of the most popular EDM bands in the music genre. The Chainsmokers write their own songs, make their own music, and produce it. They are known for writing songs from the heart that detail their past experiences, thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams.

The EDM duo was formed by Alex Pall and another guy who later left and was replaced by Drew Taggart. He is a huge believer in writing personal lyrics and believes that in doing so, the gap between the individual listener and The Chainsmokers is bit smaller. Drew Taggart writes many of the songs for the EDM duo.

Drew Taggart was one of the few people in his college that were into electronic dance music The genre had just started making its presence known among the public and still had many people that were skeptical of it. By the time he dropped out of the college to pursue a career in the music industry, Avicii had blown up, and the former skeptics were crowding in front of clubs to attend the performance of the band. That gave Drew Taggart a lot of hope for the future of the genre.

The other member of the Chainsmokers is Alexander “Alex” Pall. Alex Pall is the DJ half of the DJ and production duo. Alex was born in 1985 and grew up in Westchester County in New York. While growing up, Alex Pall developed a passion for music and picked up DJing as a hobby. Alex Pall has described how at first it never meant to be professional pursuit, but after realizing how passionate he was about his music, he decided to try turning his hobby into a career. It was after this that Alex Pall was introduced to Andrew Taggart, who would later become the second half of The Chainsmokers duo.

The EDM duo recently released their latest track called Sick Boy. It is climbing the chart and paving the way for their next music pieces.

Exploring A Luxurious Beach House With Wengie


No matter what the topic may be, the videos made by Australian-Chinese vlogger Wengie are always fun to watch. In a video that was published in August of 2016, Wengie leads viewers on a tour of a luxurious beach house where she had the opportunity to stay.


This video begins outdoors with Wengie pointing out the gated entrance, rounded driveway and large garage that are on the property of the beach house.


After showing off the opulent grand entrance way and marble staircases in the house, Wengie takes viewers into the spacious, fully equipped kitchen.


While exploring the cabinets and different appliances in the kitchen, Wengie makes a point of displaying the homemade blueberry muffins that the house’s caretaker regularly bakes. A sunny indoor dining area adjoins the kitchen, and an outdoor dining area is just a few steps away. Both dining areas offer excellent waterfront views, as well as a view of the on-premises swimming pool.


The next stop on the tour of this beach house mansion is a well-stocked bar area. Next to the bar section is a massive lounge/living room, with an attached, almost equally large formal dining room area. Amazingly, many of the walls in this stylish beach house are actually floor-to-ceiling windows. These windows allow for magnificent views of the picturesque outdoor surroundings from almost anywhere in the house.


A nice collection of paintings, photographs, movie posters and pottery items are examined by Wengie, before she heads into the small on-site movie theater.


The main bedroom, bathrooms, and downstairs lounging area are also explored by Wengie before she ends the video by thanking her viewers for their support.