Eric Lefkofksy Creates Tempus Labs to Create Data-Driven Cancer Treatment

Brian Harris wrote an article for Release Fact titled, “Eric Lefkofksy’s Tempus Labs Uses Big Data Analytics to Revolutionize Cancer Medicine”. The article discuses Eric Lefkofsky’s recent endeavor, Tempus Labs. The company was created in 2015 with the aim to help cancer patients by creating a library of data from previous cancer patients. The data, along with genome sequencing, provides precision medicine to each individual. Understanding the individual’s tumor at a molecular level along with understanding previous treatments for similar tumors and body chemistry, allows physicians to make real-time decisions backed by data to provide the best options to each individual.

In its short life, Tempus has quickly become a top performer in the health technology field. Dr. Eric Topol has even featured it on his list of advanced medical technology. The company has recently been testing a variety of technologies that promise to revolutionize medicine.

One such technology is the use of gene therapy and gene editing to identify mutations in genes that cause hereditary vision loss or blindness. The FDA approved the technology in late 2017 which led to vivo manipulation in a male with Hunter syndrome. The results are still anticipated.

The company has also developed machine learning technology to identify skin cancers. The algorithm has the same ability as a physician to identify skin lesions. Another technology recently approved by the FDA is the smartwatch diagnosis of atrial fibrillation. It monitors the heartrate of individuals, providing alerts to those with who have outliers.

They also developed a pathogen sequencing technology which would provide accelerated genome sequencing of pathogens to quickly maintain control of outbreaks. This would provide advanced responses for public health in the case of a pathogen outbreak.

Since 2015, the Tempus Labs team has created a mission to use genome sequencing data in a clinical setting. They want every patient to be able to benefit from the previous treatments of people who have experienced the same disease prior. They provide the physicians with actionable insights and tools.

Eric Lefkofksy co-founded Tempus Labs after seeing the harrowing process of cancer treatment when a loved one was diagnosed. He resides in Chicago with his wife working on philanthropic enterprises like the Lefkofsky Family Foundation.

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